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The Ameriverse is a universe under total American rule. The Ameriverse is safe, but difficult to access, with a wall around the inside of the Ameriverse. The Ameriverse is know for its insanity, with all people in the Ameriverse being given Desert Eagles. The people of the Ameriverse are Americans, and lure other civilizations into the Ameriverse through chanting "Join, or Die." The Americans dislike the Britverse, NorthKoreaverse, and Chinaverses the most, and like the Frenchverse, Canadiaverse, and Germaverses the most.

How do I get to the Ameriverse?

If you act (or are) a Canadian or American, you will be let into the Ameriverse. Everyone is allowed in to the Ameriverse on July 4th, but can not leave after. You can easily access a Ameriverse If you are in a thirteen star and fifty planet system. The last, and most used, way to enter a Ameriverse is to complete the American citizenship test (which is in all known languages).

Why should I go to a Ameriverse?

It is recommended to go to a Ameriverse if you are a hyperactive person or are extremely political. You should also go to the Ameriverse if you are attempting to find Cotton Eye Joe or want to find where Old Town Road is.