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Amethyst Industries: Making Stuff You Might Want If You Want To Rule A Verse For Some Reason (tm) since 2920.

"Basically the SpaceX of the modern* era"

(*modern meaning far future)

This is a list of things Amethyst Industries has invented.


Versal Harvester

A structure that can be built on a good-sized material-rich planet that will then harvest the entire planet for materials, and then built robots that go out and harvest more. If materials run low at the structure, the bots can build another one on another planet. While this is happening, a Dyson sphere is being built around the star. After the entire system is harvested, the star is completely harvested as well. This all provides enough power to split up the materials and robots and repeat on multiple other systems at once.

Versal Disintegrator and Fabricator

Any materials put inside are broken up into atoms. The atoms are then used to construct any material, object or structure needed. The fabricators come in sizes from 0.5m3 (pocket sized) to 10100m10 (verse sized).

Versal Energy Harvester

Surrounds a verse completely and removes all of its energy to convert into electrical.

Hyperdense Battery

A single cubic centimeter of this battery can store around 10^1000000 gigawatts. They can be built bigger as well, but the main amount of power is so huge that it won't make much of a difference.

Verse Battery

Super-high-tech battery the size of a verse. Holds 10^1000000000000 gigawatts.

Condenser Storage

Objects are condensed down into information. A single cubic millimeter can hold up to 1050 cubic kilometers. Comes with a stabilizer so it doesn't become a black hole.

Verse Containment Unit

A structure used to encase an entire verse, where it can then be treated as a physical object. It freezes everything in the verse when encased and powered.

Verse Condenser Storage

Attach this to a Verse Containment Unit, and there you go! Verse in a box! Now you can transport it anywhere, but you'll need another Verse Containment Unit to place it back where you want it.

Hypernuclear Reactor

Like a nuclear reactor, but makes power off of Hyperradioactivity. Works for hyperradioactivity levels 1-5.

Plexnuclear Reactor

For hyperradioactivity levels 6-10.


Picture of a stabilization unit used on a black hole. It is quite obviously made in paint. It says solar engines, but they're actually star engines.

Singularity Stabilization Unit

A huge structure that completely surrounds a black or white hole. It can then do multiple things:

  • Harness it's power
  • Control it's gravity
  • Remove it entirely

Notice: this only works on singularity holes. Hole-type objects that are not singularities will not work here.

Non-Singularity Object Stabilization Unit

This thing with a long name is a SSU, but for hole-types that are not singularities. It can serve the same purposes but it fit for different types of objects. It also works on planets.

Isotope Stabilization Unit

Isotopes will not decay when in this structure, which makes it easy to study the extended periodic table and other fast-decay elements.


Put an object in here, it will give you all of it's data, like it's size and material composure. This can all be viewed on a computer, and even edited to fabricate later. Works on any amount of dimensions, just make sure it fits in there. Sizes range up to 1020 cubic kilometers.

Hyper Stabilization Unit

Nothing will decay here. Not quarks, not elements, not black holes, nothing. Good for whatever.


Star Engine

Massive engines powered by stars. They are incredibly powerful and used to transport parts of huge structures.

Verse Transportation Engine

When attached to a Verse Containment Unit, it is powerful enough to move it and the verse itself.. To power it, it needs to be fed a Hyperdense Battery that is a cubic xennameter big.

Mass Relay 2.0

Like the one from Mass Effect, but more powerful! It can fire things through verses and is much more massive!

Versal Gravity Gun

Just shoot it at a verse, and move it somewhere else! Easy! Try not to crash them together though.


Nova Bombs

The power of a supernova condensed into a bomb. There are two others, one with the power of a hypernova, and the strongest containing a Gamma Ray Burst.

Stellar Laser

Another thing powered by stars. This laser can tear through anything except holes.

Matter Deleter

Comes in two forms:

  • Gun: Anything the bullet touches is deleted.
  • Sword: Anything the blade touches is deleted. Way cooler.

By "Deleted" I mean "sent to the Trashverse".


Adjustable X-ray Goggles

X-ray goggles, except you can control what you want to see through. Not much to say about them.


It's a huge orbital gun. Shoot it at any celestial body, it is condensed into a black hole! Fun!


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