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The anastasiumverse is the biggest object in existence. Well, okay, it's actually only 91 octillion light years, therefore making it not the biggest object in existence. But don't tell anyone about that. I need to claim to everyone that this stupid verse is the biggest thing in existence because I want it to be. Don't tell me that isn't possible, I know it is. It's not like some evil administrator will stop me from doing so.

Anyways, now it's time to continue the forced filler. Okay, what could I talk about. Sure. The image exists. Literally the only information I have to write something about this page so let's go with that.

What the anastasiumverse is

The anastasiumverse is Homer Simpson but without any clothes. There is an alarm to the left of him and if Homer Simpson is angry he presses the button.

And that's it, the end. That's all this verse is. It's not like I could write anything else, the image is literally all I have to base my info off of and it's just a weird simpsons meme.

What? You wanted more? What else do you expect for me to write for this page? Do you seriously just want more forced filler? No. I'm not adding anything else, it'll be stupid. Go look at Dunkey Kong or something, the info remains practically the same. Uninteresting. Just like this. Come on, go ahead. It must be so insightful to you. You know, endless amounts of text explaining how strong and powerful and limitless and awesome and cool and generic he is over and over and over. It must be such a thoughtful read to someone who enjoys pages like this.

are they gone

Hopefully that odd reader is gone, they are probably having such a great time reading dunkey kong.

Great, now I don't have to deal with any bogus readers that read my meaningless text and now I can type whatever the hell I want. Either that, or people will edit this page and that will immediately make it apply to it. Would you look at that. Anyone can add whatever to this verse and it is INSTANTLY a canonical and official part of the page, how utterly amazing!!!

Editors, add your part! Please, I don't want to write anymore



why hasn't anyone added anything yet


is it because this page is too uninteresting? Well, guess what, it will stay uninteresting. I'm not sure why you've read up to this point, the entire thing has just been complete nonsense and nothing has been even about the anastasiumverse. Do you want more? Okay, fine, i'll give you more, hopefully this will satisfy you and you weirdo can leave my stupid page that I need to keep writing to satisfy the community.

More about the anastasiumverse

Okay uhhh the anastasiumverse becomes brighter if you touch it and that's because i don't know, there's like, a chemical or something. Also, if you touch the alarm you aren't able to read anything anymore basically, so don't touch it, actually it would be great if you did, because then I could stop writing this nonsense. But my guess is most people will be difficult and not press it so I have to say more.


There are 500 layers in the verse and now I am going to describe each and every one of them because I have run out of ideas and I need to make this stupid page longer.

Michael Rosen layer

This layer has a lot of Michael Rosens that come out of the generator and they all go to a random location. If that location contains a tomato, the Michael Rosen dies, but otherwise, the Michael Rosen says "*click* noice". Also, if the location has good writing but bad execution, but really good ideas with a lot of potential, it will say "gwallllch" because that's what everyone says when a piece of online media is worthy of a 1. Hopefully that's enough to make the vad people laugh, it seems like they only gain humour from michael rosen and the big butt so that will have to do. Shut up, I don't care that I didn't use an ampersand.

The red layer

It's red, it's actually kind of hard to believe that there are verses in this wiki that are less interesting than the red layer

The 498 other layers

I don't think anyone actually reads these. I think I can put whatever you want here since the majority of the AD community just skims through a page, sees that it's long, and thinks "gOoD pAgE" so I think I can just say the other layers have calcium and everyone will be fine, except leftunknown

Okay, it turns out, at the time of writing this, nobody has been reading my pages yet and I've been making assumptions all along. Okay, fine, but I will still assume that only the most brainless readers get this far so I will continue just for them.

Sorting algorithms

Sorting algorithms are used to sort a shuffled list of integers or things assigned integers into a neat line of ascending order.

Bubble Sort

Bubble Sort starts on the left of the list and compares the first two elements, and swaps them if necessary. Then, it compares the second and third, and swaps if necessary. It continues down the list until it swaps the last and second last elements, which will put the final element in the right place. Then, it goes back to the beginning and repeats the process. Eventually, after a little less than (n^2)/2 comparisons, the entire list will be sorted. Something that's great about this algorithm is it's stable, so it won't swap elements of the same value.

Quick Sort

QuickSort is another sorting algorithm that involves choosing a random element called the pivot, and comparing it with every other element. Every element that is smaller than the pivot will be places on the left of it, and every element that is bigger than the pivot is placed on the right. Then, you have two sorted subsections, and you do the same with those. You just keep sorting the sections with quicksort, until the whole list is sorted. This one will usually involve n(log(n)) comparisons, making it considerably faster than bubble sort, but it isn't a stable sorting algorithm.

Okay, you've actually gained my respect a bit because you must have some sort of interest in sorting algorithms. Must be rare to find someone who likes both sorting algorithms and anastasiumverses or whatever this article even was in the first place.

However, if you were even able to read up to this point, the above sorting algorithms must be too complicated for you, despite how extremely simple they are. So, here's the simplest and sorting algorithm used only by the same type of people who would read a poor excuse of an article like this.


Randomize the list until it's sorted.

There. Isn't that awesome? Such a simple sorting algorithm you can use to sort anything. This must be a life changer. You probably have a lot of things that are disorganized, and now you have a really simple way to sort them. Now you can sort and organize anything, with this simple method that applies to everybody. Stop reading this article, and go ahead and change your life for the better.


Okay, I think I have ruled out all possible readers now. Even the dumbest and most ridiculous readers would even get to the sorting algorithms part, and now they are all probably rushing to use their new bogosort on all of their things, excited to have finally been able to organize. Now I can relax.

However, there's only one more thing I want to do to make fun of AD, and that is make a conclusion to an article. Look at that. The very first AD page that has a conclusion to it. Every other article just ends abruptly on a random section and doesn't have anything to wrap it off. Let's change that and write a conclusion. Also, I've noticed that most people just skip to the end of the article and read the final part. This section, however, is far enough so that nobody will read through this and get to it, but not far enough so that people will just skip to it. So, I can safely say that practically no one will ever read this. Let's actually talk about the anastasiumverse for a second.


In conclusion, the anastasiumverse is a very strange verse that has a weird alarm and a Homer Simpson. It is very strange and only acknowledged by idiots, who are probably the same types of people who wouldn't realize that I still love AD and I'm just satirically poking fun at some of it for the entertainment of everyone, oh crap.