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The Archverses are a series of verses which are found practically everywhere across the Omniverse. They make up the majority of verses near the bottom of the containment chain within the Omniverse and can be almost seen as a "building block".Officially, the chain goes as follows: Universe -> Multiverse -> Metaverse -> Xenoverse -> Hyperverse (-> Omniverse, including this one is optional)


There is actually no contributing factors to any single Archverse layer, proving that Archverses are getting more chaotic as the further you go. Some could technically have Le Jorino Areas, or have verses farther than away than the last layer. Some could have multiple layers of Archverses, leading to no significant meaning after a while. They are actually loosely distinct to all others, with random structures, properties, and possibilities.


Extended Archverses have a higher degree of freedom, but however follows the same guidelines as the normal ones. The main chain goes as follows: Multiverse -> Megaverse -> Gigaverse -> Teraverse -> ... Furthermore, the Box is contained by a higher-level Cetaverse.

Multiverses to Hyperverses can be contained by Megaverses, which then form their own chain, however, they are significantly rarer and only form under specific conditions. After a while, Archverses come simply random verses which fill out the rest of infinity.

Some Archverses are Infinityverses, which is a container of lower-level Archverses until a specific Infinityverse that is lower-level, or a Universe, the smallest-ever Archverse. Every single Infinityverse has their own pocket Ultraverse, used to traverse through layers. The structure is still chaotic at every single scale and have conditions satisfying some subfinality properties.

However, the Box is a special container as a Finality-2 item, and therefore shouldn't be classified as a Infinityverse. This extends to subfinality indexes under specific preconditions.

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