Archverse of Reality

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The Archverse of Reality is a huge set of fractals inside fractals inside fractals inside fractals inside fractals. It contains infinite variations of every Archverse and -Verse of Reality. The huge complex is therefore named the "Archverse of Reality".

The life inside this verse is way more abundant and advanced than any of the previous life in any of the other -Verses of Reality. This life can travel feely throughout the Archverse of Reality, and they can manipulate the endless fractals as well. This life became known as The Omnispecies.

At the center of each fractal is a verse. The more the fractal repeats the smaller the verses become. At the center of the fractal lies a huge unknown verse. It seems to be protected by the same material that makes up the outer shell of the O r b. The inside of that verse is completely unknown.

There are no particles or objects that float randomly, since the nested fractal takes up virtually all of the space.

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