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The Aspectverse is where Lord Aspect lives. He lives on the Aspectplanet, the Aspectplanet is the biggest planet on Aspectverse, with 13,400 km of diameter.

Lord Aspect is the most powerful cat on our Multiverse, it is 13 times more powerful than THE cat, or 358 times more powerful than a normal cat. also, everyone on Aspectverse loves cats (but all the owners of the cats are humans). It is contained by the Multiverse.


  • Lord Aspect is the king of this universe.
  • It is the 2nd smallest verse on our multiverse.
  • It is also the 4th nearest verse.
  • 84% of the planets of Aspectverse have life (There are 39,000 planets, so 32,760 planets have life).



The Aspectverse.

Distance to our universe 43.3 hm's
Size 58,000 ly of diameter
Kardashev Scale 2.6
Language 91% speak russian, 6% speak ucranian, 2% speak estonian and 1% other