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⌬Info about atomic fabric

Size: HATU[1]

Class: - ∅ Protoclass (0) ∅ -

Contains: Thingk

ATSL uqraek fiber Atomic fabricNonexistent particles

This is the "thing" that makes up ATSL Uqraek fiber. As it is so small, it is insanely unstable. Atomic fabrics[2] do not have a naturally forming repulsive barrier. And due to its instability, it will violently explode into countless pieces of itself. Which can corrupt and destroy everything near it, even verses if it came to contact with.

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⌬Why especially "Atomic"fabric andwhat are they?

You see, even removing all physics-generated atoms[3] and ATSL atoms from everywhere of reality still leaves it with tons of smaller, "atom"-like particle networks. And those atoms are more fragile than any normal atoms and ATSL atoms. But small size does not grant them any ability to ignore physics rules!

Fragile atoms are bound with little energy that may be available for them. Little tickle, large boom. The boom is totally not similar to the normal disassembly of atoms where particles turn into pure energy[4]. Space, along with particles and everything else, becomes super fragile. Atomic fabric is made from fragile space being destroyed by the motion of atoms.

⌬Is atomic fabric useful?

...Nah. Atomic fabric is just a headache for everything[5], and it is almost completely useless. Although Atomic fabric helps some very special artifacts of nature, it is not intentional. so yeah, the atomic fabric is rare but trollers to everything around it, like moolahverse.

anyways, what they DO help are majorly large and infinite-scaled artifacts like rare types of boxes. Unlike verses that are easily destroyed by Atomic fabric, box sorts are structures, and their borders are much more stron⑨er than verse borders. Atomic fabric explodes into an infection fragment randomly, bouncing off the structure border to destroy any verses trying to collide with the structure.

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Possibly smallest hierarchy where super tiny particles elegantly float through it

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⌬Absolutely Tinier Particles⌬
Thingk - Mandelsok - .: - Periodk

⎊ Null class (-1) ⎊ <- ∅ Protoclass (0) ∅ -> ۞ Starter Class (1) ۞
Main Chain

Protoverse -> Uqraek fiber -> String -> Quark -> Proton -> Atom -> Star -> Galaxy

  1. One HATU (Hyper-Absolutely tiny unit) is Heck diameters
  2. unlike most of particles and tiny tiny fibers
  3. These are just atoms like our universe's atoms, but instead of composing matters in our universe, they compose matters in other verses.
  4. ...almost pure
  5. and yes, even more than Karens