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The name "Auroverse" came from gold's latin name "aurum" (fun fact: that's where gold's atomic symbol "Au" came from). By that, you know this verse is related VERY closely to gold and is expensive enough to pay all overpriced debts of poor people (don't actually do that it gives all that gold to ones who made overpriced debts).

Indeed it is, Auroverse is probably one of most expensive verse in our multiverse (of course discluding antimatterverse things). It literally has planet made of gold!!! Not only that, the gold is tightly packed at centers of goldstars and other celestial objects of Auroverse, raising cost even more. And you know what's better? Auroverse also has bunch of 100% purity natural emeralds!!! A LOT OF THEM!!! :O

High-purity emerald is about $20000... Auroverse's space is 1% taken up by 100% purity emeralds... and Auroverse is approx 4 tiems radius of our universe...

Including 10% of Auroverse being taken up by gold......the Auroverse's cost is......




Auroverse's composition is quite simple: There are few emeralds between objects made of gold, which is sprinkled at space between objects like pasley on a pizza. Stars are gold, planets are gold, nebulas are gold plasma... as if king Midas touched this verse! Role of emeralds are also important; it acts as cores of gold planets and stars, plus it stabilizes gold objects gravitationally.

Essential Information

It is located commonly next to other verse rich with emerald and gold, meaning there are smol amount (actually that term is relative here) of Auroverse floating in omniverse. Size of Auroverse is around six or seven tiems our universe and has immense gold and emerald satellites. Temperature is around melting point of gold, but just right for it to exist as solid.

  • Temperature Regulator : Countless green emerald dodecahedrons with entirely-gold star or cluster of it act as regulator for temperature by cooling when temperature is too high, and releases more gold plasma into Auroverse space when temperature is not high. Emerald dodecahedrons have superheated emerald (exists as solid, right before its melting point) as corners.
  • Size : Unlike other verses with size much larger than our own universe, Auroverse only ranges at few tiems our universe's radius. This size problem is caused by Auroverse's originating protoverse itself; the protoverse of Auroverse was made from compressed emerald and gold. Upon initial big bang, the Auroverse expanded just like other verses but immense weight of emerald and gold plasma generated huge gravity so Auroverse can no longer insanely expand.

Inner Objects

Including emerald dodecahedron temperature regulators, many objects exist inside Auroverse and they are................. meh approx same as our universe. As always, gold stars, planets, galaxies and holes... But because just skipping this part is irresponsible, Ill list come objects below.

  • Golden Planets : Yup... planets made from gold. Their core is molten gold with crystal mixture of emerald floating inside it. Planet is covered in huge deposits of emerald crystals expanding all the way to planet core. This exposes planet core to outside world, because emerald crystal is transparent. Oh and just in case you wonder: they are 24K.
  • Golden Stars : Another VERY obvious name. They are made from compression of gold gas caused by attraction from planetary-scale emerald crystal attracting heavy gold gas nebula over incredible tiemspan. Gold stars don't live because of fusion, but contraction heat. If they die, they form either gold hole or emerald hole depending on its major composition. And because of emerald, these gold stars are not 24K D:

Satellites of Auroverse

Auroverse has few big satellites and countless gold & emerald balls. BIG satellites are majorly CHONK and cold crystal emerald and other gold or emerald verses. What surrounds them is nebula of gold dust and sometiems gold plasma or gold galaxies. Orbits of satellites are highly elliptical, meaning orbits commonly overlap each others' orbit. This leads to frequent collision, and spread lots of emerald dust in the process. Here are some lists of satellites

  • Emerald Crystals : Unlike inside Auroverse where emerald is kinda rare material, it is major component of satellite at this region. How emerald crystal satellites form is simple; first, emerald dust cloud orbiting Auroverse crystallizes around heavy golden ball. Once emerald dust accumulates around gold, it melts from contraction heat and golden plasma is squeezed out through cracks of emerald, leaving pure satellite.
  • Smoller Auroverse : Verse occasionally spits out tons and tons of its inner material through collisions between emerald crystal satellites and Auroverse. Everytiem it happenes, Auroverse's force barrier is broken and its inner material leaks out. The material attracts together until it forms Barrierless Auroverse. It is little smoller than emerald crystal satellites and orbits it or Auroverse.

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