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Avta is a manufacturer of weapons run by The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi. It manufactures weapons for The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi military. Avta has also sold weapons to other civilizations before, albeit in very limited quantities.

Most of Avta's weapons are ranged ones, although they also produce close-range weapons.

Plasma Weapons

Avta mainly makes weapons that utilize plasma. Plasma weapons are very easy to make, and every Hugghiguyughiyuguhi soldier at least has one of these weapons. Many different types of plasma weapons have been made.

Ranged Type

Plasma Blaster

This is the standard weapon for the Hugghiguyughiyuguhi military. These weapons are moderately accurate, but perform poorly at long range. Plasma Blasters are semi-auto, and are capable of firing up to 5 times per second. One benefit of Plasma Blasters are that they have a very large ammo capacity, and can fire nonstop for over 30 minutes before having to reload. The reloading is also fairly quick.

Plasma Sniper

Plasma Snipers are usually not used by the regular Hugghiguyughiyuguhi soldier, and are instead used by higher ranks. Plasma Snipers are way more accurate than Plasma Blasters and can kill a creature from up to 1000 miles away, but have a slower firing speed, less capacity, and longer reload. A Plasma Sniper also comes with a scope.

Plasma Sprayer

Plasma Sprayers are less common, but are still widely used. These automatic weapons are usually used to distract the enemy, and fire extremely fast, with a wide spread. Plasma Sprayers have very poor accuracy, and can really only hit a target from up to 10 meters away. A Plasma Sprayer has a massive capacity, but has the longest reload time out of any plasma weapon.

Melee Type

Plasma Blade

This is the standard weapon for most Hugghiguyughiyuguhi soldiers. Plasma Blades are designed to be able to slice, cut, and puncture most materials very easily, and are used in combat if either a gun runs out of ammo or reloading a gun takes too much time. Plasma Blades can also be used to slice open doors, which is one of its major uses.

Ship Type

Beam Gun

Beam Guns are huge plasma blasters intended to be attached onto spacecraft. Beam Guns are exceptionally powerful at penetrating matter, and can obliterate even the strongest of armor. Beam Guns however, can only fire one shot at a time and take an extremely long time to reload, making relying on Beam Guns a very bad choice.

Firing Grid

Firing Grids are more common on big spacecraft, and are basically a huge "grid" of guns usually attached to the side or bottom of a spacecraft. Firing Grids will usually be concealed when not in use, and when in use, they can fire hundreds of tons of plasma at an enemy spacecraft, tearing them up in a matter of minutes if left unchecked.

Glitchonicite Weapons

Glitchonicite weapons are used mainly by the elite due to just how dangerous Glitchonicite is and how powerful it can be when used correctly. Glitchonicite weapons aren't produced as often as Plasma weapons.

So far, no melee type weapons made by Avta use Glitchonicite, due to its dangerous nature.

Ranged Type

Burst Gun

A formidable weapon, Burst Guns can be exceptionally powerful if used correctly. A Burst Gun will fire between 1 to 5 pellets of pure Glitchonicite at a target with extreme precision and speed. Burst Guns, due to utilizing Glitchonicite, have not been mass-produced due to concerns about an accidental mishandling of the corruptive material, possibly causing a major problem.

Glitchonicite Blaster

This is basically an elite version of the Plasma Blaster. Glitchonicite Blasters have a slower reload and smaller capacity, but are significantly more deadly than Plasma Blasters. Glitchonicite Blasters are also semi-auto, and have a maximum firing speed of 4 shots per second, slightly slower than a Plasma Blaster.

Glitchonicite Shotgun

Yes, this is a thing. Glitchonicite Shotguns are not common, and are rarely used. A Glitchonicite Shotgun can do heavy damage to armored craft and vehicles by firing over 15 small quantities of Glitchonicite at a target extremely fast. This can do insane amounts of damage. Glitchonicite Shotguns have a relatively fast reload, with medium capacity.

Ship Type

Glitchonicite Pounder

Glitchonicite Pounders are large guns usually attached to the side of a spacecraft. These guns, when activated, will "pound" the nearest enemy ship with huge concentrations of Glitchonicite for over 1 minute. Usually, this means the enemy ship is doomed. Glitchonicite Pounders have been outlawed by some civilizations due to once again, Glitchonicite's destructive properties.

Moving Gun

Moving Guns are Glitchonicite-firing guns usually attached onto a flat surface on a ship. These guns are extremely powerful due to how they can avoid bullets by sensing enemy fire and moving themselves along the side of a ship, dodging enemy fire and destroying the enemy ship at the same time.

Primordium Weapons

These weapons are some of the most advanced weapons that have been designed by Avta. These weapons utilize each Primordial Particle, and are insanely powerful and deadly. Primordium Weapons are the most expensive weapons for Avta to make, and thus have been produced even less than Glitchonicite weapons.

Each Primordium Weapon has a ship and melee type counterpart which all function in the exact same way.

Delta Gun

Delta Guns are a sort of handheld railgun that fires Primordium Delta at extreme speeds. Delta Guns can fire Primordium Delta straight through virtually every material with little effort, and also have some of the accuracy for any weapon, making them deadly snipers. Delta Guns can reload very fast and are also light, making carrying them over long distances very easy.

Omega Gun

Omega Guns utilize Primordium Omega to kill enemies, and fire in single shots. Primordium Omega, due to its chaotic and corruptive nature (even more so than Glitchonicite), can do some of the most damage out of any weapon. Omega Guns can also do area damage, making them extremely efficient at taking out large groups of enemies.

Alpha Gun

Alpha Guns are not used to kill enemies; instead, it is used to benefit allies. Since Primordium Alpha has positive effects on creatures if exposed to it, Alpha Guns are usually fired at allies to benefit them in one way or another. Alpha Guns are specially designed to fire a lot slower than other guns as to minimize damage to the intended target.

Sigma Gun

This is the last Ranged Primordium Weapon, and utilizes Primordium Sigma. Sigma Guns are mainly used for reconnaissance purposes, and are rarely used in actual combat. Sigma Guns are exceptionally good at disabling and slowing down enemies, due to Primordium Sigma's barrier properties.