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"I am an idiot that somehow makes good pages. If you vandalize my good pages, then I will eat your lungs."


An image of BestNoobReborn taken from the BNRverse.

The BNRverse is a verse ruled over by BestNoobReborn. All of his pages are contained by this verse. This verse is fairly small, as it takes 50 bytes of BNR pages to make 1 meter in this verse. If all the BNR pages combined took up 2500 bytes, the BNRverse would only be 50 meters. It's one of if not THE smallest userverses in the entire usermultiverse, being currently smaller than our planet by multiple lakameters or more. Another example of it's size is that if all BNR pages combined took up exactly 1 gigabyte, the BNRverse would only be 20 million meters. It also contains the Best's Pages Category itself, and is contained by the category. This causes it's self-containment. The verse may grow a lot if a big page is published by BestNoobReborn, but usually only by around 100 meters. BestNoobReborn is a sentient aura that resembles Noggin Clothnith's head from the Gnomed Meme except with a Chill Face on it. This aura also has omnipotence over every page. If you get close to BestNoobReborn, you'll hear the audio from this video. The reason it contains everything that BestNoobReborn has made is that the pages he has made have a one-way containment to things he's created, and the pages are in his category. The category exists to sort out his pages in the All Dimensions Wiki into one area. The category is in the BNRverse, so it can sort out the category and BNR himself. BNR can also edit other pages not made by him.