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The Bad language is, like the name suggests, really bad. It was created by a bunch of idiots, but it only got popular because Bob promoted it to the interversal public for some unknown reason. It used to have the name "HDGFVGDFSASFGHGFVD" due to it being created by idiots, but Bob changed the name upon promoting it because of how bad he thought it was. Now, Bad language is the name used today, and it is almost never referred to as "HDGFVGDFSASFGHGFVD".

This language uses the same characters as the English alphabet, along with another one, μ.

Basic words/phrases

hello: boosh

goodbye: goosh

please: mμsh

thanks: bμsh

good morning: yeg mugh

good afternoon: yeg bugh

good evening: yeg wugh

goodnight: yeg iugh

excuse me: mi

Really common words

the: astrascraptiasnatiomnitaitonsalsitornsoanraeoansonitnaisntosnainsotniosnaiamsnaosnitnso'0

a: tytutytutytutytutytutytutytutytutytutytutytutytutytutytutytupoeans'0

is/are: mi'0

of: tra'0

The rest of the conjunctions are just Spanish conjunctions but with '0 at the end.

You can tell a word is a common when there is a '0 at the end. It is pronounced "tih-zero".

Prefixes and suffixes

Shutup- is used to change fast to faster

Shutdown- is used to change fast to fastest

Tej- is past tense

Mej- is present tense

Icantej- is future tense

-uyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyjhghgn is used to make a noun plural.

-ustagaba is used to negate a noun.

There are no other prefixes or suffixes due to how bad the language is.


me: qewe

you: refeferepeo

he: fe

she: shim

they: quive

we: mul

you (plural): agastaquada

he (plural): popop

she (plural): shis

it: hooman

it (plural): pooman

Other words

good: yeg

bad: swich

big: eegoe

small: smallop

rotate: rotat

move: jana

reflect: miraron

own: huhopo

do: pie

like: yess

dislike: yessustagaba

more will be added later


to count to 10,

1: o

2: do

3: two

4: cro

5: si

6: yi

7: ye

8: yo

9: toaop

10: sen

Then, to create more numbers, you just add '[number] to the end of it. For example:

11: sen'o

12: sen'do

13: sen'two

Here are the numbers for multiples of 10:

20: yen

30: sa

40: fort

50: fert

60: fart

70: port

80: nine

90: sudust

100: centu

To create more hundreds, you add "[number]-" to the start of "centu". Examples:

200: do-centu

500: si-centu

A few more numbers:

136: centu'sa'yi

789: ye-centu'nine'toaop

Here are the powers of 10:

1000: milli

Million: mulli

Billion: malli

Trillion: shelli

Quadrillion: shuwasulli

Quintillion: sullig

Sextillion: wullig

Septillion: mullig

Octillion: darmstig

Nonillion: duwastig

Decillion: ohowustig

Examples of large numbers:

2546: do-milli'si-centu'fort'yi

235000: do-centu'sa'si-milli

666666666: yi-centu'fart'yi-mulli'yi-centu'fart'yi-milli'yi-centu'fart'yi


the word for "colour" is "muius"

red: yμμ

dark red: ped

orange: uμμ

yellow: pooe

green: errer

"grue": plokcan

cyan: poekas

blue: asop

purple: ras

pink: pasta

lavender: ppoi

brown: wawz

white: po

light grey: poor

dark grey: μyes

black: mustar

colourless: yuist

Other information

Literally every other word in this language is undecided, due to how bad it is. So, that's it. No one has any idea why Bob promoted this language.