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The Barrel is not a box, but it is a concept that links the subsections of nothingness in the The Box[1]. Each barrel in the Barrel series is hardly accessible from the last. Notice that all of the box contains recursive functions of itself, so to go outside of it it needs to be inaccessible to the inside of the Omniverse. That's how the size is determined.

Every barrels have their own "Barrel Index". Barrels almost certainly form chain above themselves, which are kind of hard to distinguish without special classifier. and that classifier is Barrel Index explained below. The index is based on "nothingness level", and works for pretty much every barrel of every box[2].

Barrel Index

The Barrel Index denotes "freedom of nothingness[3]", where Barrel-0 is The Outside, and Barrel-x has a noticeable increase in freedom compared to a structure of Barrel-(x-1) that it contains. The biggest Barrel-x value possible is chosen, and only structures that don't exist and are directly/indirectly contained by The Box count.

If a barrel doesn't directly or indirectly contain the main The Outside, then it is instead compared relative to similar freedom-wise structures in the main The Barrel hierarchy. If a structure is somehow less free than The Outside or more free than The Box, then it doesn't have a Barrel-x value[4].

The Barrel is Barrel-1, the Barrelplex is Barrel-2, etc.

Layers of The Barrel

  • Layer ∅: Layer ∅ is pre-nothing structures, like the Omniverse and other structures. It is defined as "layer null", due to the fact that it isn't nothing, so can't be really assigned a number value. Oh and this means finite verses are almost always at Layer ∅.
  • Layer 0: Layer 0 is nothingness, but not the Barrel yet. This area is known as The Outside. This layer is the base of all barrel chains, since without it, barrel chain is not a barrel chain anymore lol
  • Layer 1: Layer 1 is where the Barrel starts, and is very loosely connected with the other layers. There appear to be tons of "invisible walls" here, but they turn out to be gaps in nothingness, the container of things, that Layer 1 hasn't covered. The invisible walls get worse until the end of Layer 1, where entities that can't change existence state will get trapped. Changing existence state is very hard due to the tiny size of xoꓭ ǝʜT, but exposure to the "invisible walls" helps a tiny bit due to the fact that skipping over holes in space can break some objects. Entities that escape Layer 1 are pretty lucky.
  • Layer 2: Nothingness returns, but as little orbs scattered throughout this layer. These orbs each have a different density of nothingness, but it is evenly distributed throughout an orb. The total capacity of these orbs range from only containing a point to containing whole miniature Barrels, giving a fractal-like structure to The Barrel.
    Sometimes, these fractals destroy nothingness that interacts with it due to fractional dimensionality converting normal dimensionality into undefined structures, causing huge explosions that branch out throughout dimensions and can even make the dimensionality of some objects negative, causing things like this to happen.
  • Layer 3: Space is extremely broken here. Most finite things cannot withstand more than 10 minutes of Layer 3 before they get stuck in a Heaa. They only get stuck in a Heaa as a failsafe; they would otherwise get vaporized due to broken space. 
  • Layer 4+: These layers are just nested versions of Heaa and sub-Heaa structures, which ocassionally have mixes of other structures within them. This even goes all the way to Blueprint Particles at layer omega, causing a mess of a bunch of identical structures that are even identical in position due to duplicated information.  This makes the whole layer omega just seem like a portal to a singularity that you can't escape, similar to a black hole. Your information is also slowly deleted until you dissolve into a blueprint particle as well, adding on to the "singularity".

Barrel Chains' locations

Beyond the Barrel, we might see bigger Barrels that lie in The Box. Since the nesting can be purely infinite, one can expect to find every possible forms of barrels. Normally however, after infinite chaining of barrels, all chains of barrels terminate inside Barrelverse. Of course, not literally EVERY chains of barrel ends here, but they[5] are usually chained only 2 to 21000 layers outside barrelverse[6].

Here is a table organizing them:

Index Name Size Dimensionality Picture Description
2 Barrelplex barrels Unknown Barrels.jpg It's just a local group of Barrels and it's size is... Too large.


there were 2 barrels, however, there were paths leading to 2 different cetaverses. The problem? Too many barrels on that path. A guy deleted the path, and the barrels floated to the cetaverses, found a box and a cloning machine, and, well…

3 Barrelplock Barrelplexes Unknown The Barrelplock-53b new.png The Barrelplock. is a special name that contains very dense rainbowcosmos. The name has a period at the end since The Barrelplock. is really eager to end sentences. However, The Barrelplock. is not very good at it.


He is a hater of the sentence king, so he pounced a duck (the sentence king’s pet) and ate it. Then the Barrelplex swarmed him and the sentence king merged to form the primordial soup of The Barrelplock., creating more Barrelplock.s, and it is unknown how the original Barrelplock. was created.

4 Barrelplockplex Unknown Unknown The Barrelesplock.png there is too much pizzaz we are all gonna die!

-the barrel

this place has WAY WAY WAY WAY top much pizzaz. And pizzas. Dead pizzas, mostly.


the barrelplock.s were getting too big in number, and many collided with each other. The ones that collided usually never got apart until they seperated but stayed attached, and eventually they would reach a maximum size where all new barrelplock.s would remove an existing barrelplock. From it, so now almost all barrelplock.s are inside a barrelplockplex, a collection of barrelplocks.

5 Barrelplockina Barrelplockplexes ψᵢ(0) + 7 Barrelplockina.png It is a barrel that the moment we do not know your information. That contains The Barrelplock and it is contained by the Barrelplockinaguian. It is purple instead of blue, and is not eager to end sentences.


the barrelplockina was the result of the barrelplockplex just floating around, and they happened to be in a barrel shape, so bongus decided to create a large barrel to cover them, so he moved a bunch of barrelplockplexes onto each other (still in a barrel shape) and covered them in a large, purple barrel.

6 Barrelplockinaguian Barrelplockinas ψᵢ(0) + 10 The Barrelplockinaguian.png A set of The Barrelplockinas. They all went up to Bongus and tried to eat him. However, bongus was too OP, and trapped the barrelplockinas (EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM) in his face. He got uncomfortable and stored them in a barrel and they were never seen since.

The reason why there is more than 1 Barrelplockinaguian

because the barrelplockina wanted to go clone herself, so she looked for a cloning machine. When she found one, however, it was too small, and she decided to ask a lesser god to clone it, and the lesser god cloned them, and then she asked the lesser god to merge them, and the lesser god did so. Then, they were big enough to clone the barrelplockina, so yeah. The barrelplockinaguian happened to also be small enough to clone himself (it was a very large cloning machine), and now there are more barrelplockinaguians, too!

7 Barrelplazia Barrelplockinaguians ψᵢ(0) + 15 Barrelplazia.png Barrelplazia is the set of Barrelplockinaguianas. When alpha god mega doodle OOOOOO (bongus faking being a different god) created this, he put a set of crap cards in it for people to find. However, they Y E E T ed themselves out and turned into barrelblockinaguianas. The existing barrelplockinaguians also happened to be in it.
8 Barrelplaka Barrelplazias ψᵢ(0) + 21 Barrelphasa.jpg The Barrelplaka is the set of Barrelplazias. They gave god his power because bongus made them do so by mind-controlling them. Nobody noticed that the barrelplaka was being deployed to E A T the barrelplazias and now god is weak. The barrelplaka is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent despite not being alive. The Pointlessly Omnipotent Worm teleports between them when he sleeps, though he doesn’t know it. The barrelplaka was created by bongus to contain barrelplazias, and bongus created an infinite amount of clones throughout every place where they were that bongus can reach, and he reaches everywhere.
9 Barrelplakania 1,200 Barrelplakas Unknown Metal-shipping-barrels.jpg A very large set of Barrelplakas. Noted to be very slippery and smooth. If you go here, you will die in 0.000001 seconds if you are not supa T H I C C.

bestnoobreeeeeee, a bestnoobreborn imposter, likes to diespacito in this verse.

it was created by bongus, no interesting story here.

10 Barrelocha 183102 Barrelplakanias The Barrelplock-53b.png The next step in the barrel hierarchy, its rainbow glow comes from the perawood-ammonite mix of its exterior. (ch is pronounced ch) It has many Barrelplakanias. The little things surrounding it are other Barrelochas in its local Barrelverse. When you touch PEARs inside it, you die.
  1. this means each different layer of barrels of barrel chain contains different kinds of nothingness. KINDS of nothingness?? what in the world, no, The Box is that?? The answer is simple. Look around you, and find an empty bottle. Now imagine comparing it to interstellar vacuum of space. You can call the bottle empty inside. However, it is much more plenty than interstellar vacuum. Great, you just differentiated basic concept of nothingness, by defining a lack of concept (water in the bottle) and a lack of one kind of matter (space vacuum, where there is almost no visible matter).
  2. Except weird mutations of them such as barrel full of memes, full of plutonium, full of sharp pencil grenade, and ones full of barrel full of barrel full of barrel full of barrel full of ...
  3. can be described easily by "kinds of nothingless" described in 1st reference. Now, apply kinds of nothingness to everything, list them from fullest to emptiest such as: if you have done this to infinite different types of nothingness, woohoo, you now have complete map of barrel chains' nothingness chain!! :D yayyy...?
  4. ahh yes... single lunatic barrel ruins everything below (possibly infinite).
  5. the ones floating inside The Box instead of Barrelverse
  6. Sure, the limit is certainly big, but not really if considering it is tiny space-been scale compared to FREAKING INFINITY