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The Barrel Factory is a factory that produces assorted barrels from Omniversal Wormhole Generators and ripped up pieces of spacetime. Each year, approximately 1 billion Universes are sacraficed for this thing. This has raised some concerns about whenether this factory is ethically sound or not.

It appears to contain more barrels and become bigger as more pages get on the wiki.

It uses some Electrocosmos, which uses technology from various Electrocosmos in order to record data about The Box. This makes sure that every single barrel leads to a unique experience or an important development, by being able to make barrels to the most interesting/useful parts of The Box. However, the factory has to pay a fee of 1 googolplex dollars per year, as Electrocosmos are property owned by The Box.

Just a single normal barrel can cost 1 googol dollars.

Here are common types of barrels manfactured here:


Prime Barrel

Barrel Container

Other containers, such as the Rainbowcosmos, form naturally around these barrels.

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