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The Bauverse is a very big verse with the Dêaśaverse in the middle. It is made of metal, and it has its own gravity, so it is very difficult to escape.

The ball in the middle

The ball in the middle has its own gravity. It therefore allows all the other parts to attract to it, making the gravity stronger.

It is hollow inside, and the Dêaśaverse is in the middle of it. While the inside of the ball would be dark, the Dêaśaverse, since it somehow produces light, illuminates the entire area. It is void in this ball.

Glow around it

There is glow around this verse. This is because the gravity of this verse has caused all the matter in 003 to convert to light energy and get very dense around this verse.

It is only a little big bigger than the Bauverse, but the size is because it is the actual size the matter would be when arranged in that weird shape.

The glow is shown in the image.

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