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This page is just a joke page and is not meant to be taken very seriously.

"He supa stronk" -Chalkosis

The Bean Man is a being who's powers far outplay endless. He is absolutely and completely indescribable, even for a being with truly endless imagination. His powers are often be classified as "extraomnipotent level ∞", yet that doesn't near do his powers justice, due to his power being beyond true infinity. He can do whatever he wants, including creating whatever amount of Geralds or Alphasms, with less than an infinitesimal of his powers. He has any arrangement of powers necessary, and outplays any deity by over ∞. His powers cannot be decreased by any means. Other beings (Exception: Transcendent Omni-God) are unable to hurt him in any way. He is beyond any so-called “limit” used by this wiki. He knows every possible, impossible, existent or nonexistent fact or idea, and beyond those (an amount of knowledge called a beane). His powers cannot be actually measured, and all values given to him are incorrect in several ways. Bean Man can erase any power, from any being, regardless of whatever measures they have to stop it from being erased. Bean Man can create, destroy, misplace, pause, resume, slow, hasten, and rewind time. He can also create an automatic time loop in any area, of any size. He will reappear after every “successful” killing of him.


Some art made by another user, named fuzzo the fuzzy bee. Refered to as ‘beanlotte’ by chalkosis in the discord

Bean Man was a resident of the Beansverse before its destruction. The Beansverse was deemed too powerful, and was erased by something unknown. Bean Man was too powerful to be erased though, and destroyed them. The Beansverse was not returned however, due to a Transcendent Omni-God making it impossible to be returned.

DiepAndArrasTankIdeas can obliterate bean man

Another "Supa Stronk" entity