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The Berryverse is a prime example of the Berry Paradox.

The Berryverse is defined as a verse which contains itself, and is more of an attribute than an official title.

By definition, this makes the Berryverse's EUSI (1,0). However, the way in which it presents this self containment can differ vastly.

Most Berryverses simply loop on top of themselves with the loop being infinitely long and repetitive, causing self containment, but also no real visible side effects, so its berryness is meerly a quirk of spacetime curvature, and the infinite containment happens right at the edges.

Some Berryverses are more pronounced, with them having open space between each containment, and a visible distortion of the effects of containment. This can produce some really weird effects and paradoxes if one isn't careful enough.

The Berryverse is more of an etrance into the self-containment loop hole, rather than the capsule which contains the entirety of it. Think of the Berryverse as an infinitely tall stairwell which bends the walker through non-Euclidian means to the point the started in and has the exit on each floor, rather than an infinite Babushka doll. However, those special true infinite nestation kinds also do exist!

A special kind of Berryverse, which contains the verse that contains it, is called a Dualverse. It contains itself indirectly. Technically, a regular self-container can be called a Dualverse, since it contains the thing which contains it, that being itself, but Dualverses only count for cases of two distinct verses.