The Betabox is home to many greyscale creatures, as these beasts devour color stripping the Betabox of its previous, much, much more vibrant form. Life does thrive in this colorless world, though.

People here, when entering lower or higher, much more colorful verses usually are in a state of shock as they begin to see a wide array of things.

The Betabox's interior resembles that of perlin noise, except the perlin noise has well defined edges and is solid like sandstone.

A thin slice located across the center of the surface of the Betabox spins slowly, independent from the rest of the Betabox. Every time this slice's corners align with that of the Betabox, in other words, everytime the slice does 90 degrees, an event occurs where the Betabox brightens up and completely reshuffles its structure.

Some facts:

  1. Most of this verse is unexplored.
  2. This verse is composed of many, MANY, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class verses.
  3. Only Chunky Cheese can destroy this box.
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