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The Bezkonceverse is an unstable Verse that had a time loop in which the Verse would nearly be completely

Destroyed by a Magnitude 5 Sproyong, exploding after making it past the Verse’s barrier while not destroying it and still attempting to do damage, before everything loops back. The human-like lifeforms inhabiting the Verse where aware of this time loop, and devised a plan to stop it that ultimately succeeded.


The Bezkonceverse, from the outside, appears as a red, white, and blue roughly circular shape with several arms appearing similar to curved, stretched hexagons, which are the same colors, extending outward. It‘s space is made primarily of dense gases and plasmas, such as a red variant of tungsten hexafluoride given that color due to molecular anomalies. Floating throughout this are stars, with planets orbiting them, their atmospheres keeping out what makes up the main space. At the center, there is a singular supermassive black hole that appears white because of immovable plasma molecules around it that even it cannot suck in that emit pure, bright, white light. This plasma is also found throughout the Verse in random pockets.


Obviously, civilization was not able to advance very far here during the time loop, though after it breaking life forms told us that it did not exist forever and before it was when they made major technology advances that ultimately let them break it. They have cities on most of the Bezkonceverse’s planets, which have been terraformed, and the others are used specifically for mining, farming etc. They have traveled to several other Verses for materials, and learned how to fully utilize their own in the maximum degree of efficiency. One of the most technologically advanced things they have done relates to the fact this Verse has extremely low dimensionality despite being so utterly massive. The Verse was originally very comparatively small and contained by the Multiverse, but the lifeforms here, in fact, duplicated what Verse they had with random elements put in to make it a LOT bigger, in order to have more cities on more planets, more resources, and more places to explore, which somehow also warped it to contain The Questionable Plain by accident.

Plan to Stop the Time Loop

It was realized that time reset not when it reached a certain point, but rather the exact moment when tthe Sproyong Exploded. It could not be stopped from exploding, but could be delayed, which is why this was even known.

The initial idea was to have it explode somewhere where time was not a concept and did not matter.

The Grey Area and all its mechanisms such as how to enter and how opening a fissure within would cause a portion of it to come out and transport the nearest object to it was discovered a few years prior by the people of the Bezkonceverse.

The plan was to use a piloted rocket (non-manually-controlled ones could not reach fast enough speeds) modified with special rocks obtained from meteors that multiplied speed of objects they were attached to based on light touching them to open a fissure next to where the Sproyong would normally explode. Then, via radio call, the person inside The Grey Area would know when it neared where they opened the initial fissure, and drive the rocket to open yet another one. They would blast through back into their dimension, and the liquid Grey Area that would come out of the fissure opened with them would swallow the Sproyong, so it would explode inside the Grey Area and not reset the loop.

The rocket was created out of various metals by trillions of nanobots over the course of only 5 hours. Small tanks of the rocks were attached to its sides, and lanterns would shine into them when a button was pressed from inside.

A volunteer who had proven competence in doing this drove it out of its blast off site as the whole Verse watched. The lanterns were turned on and the rocket blasted itself extremely fast, emitting a purple light. Space unfolded before it, forming a fissure which it entered. It stayed within The Grey Area for a few hours before the volunteer received a radio signal telling him the Sproyong was near his initial fissure point. He got back in the rocket, turned on the lanterns again, and blasted through The Grey Area back into the 3rd dimension.

The Sproyong was right below the fissure, and the liquified Grey Area slithered out of said fissure a few seconds after it opened. The Sproyong glowed white as everyone prayed. The Grey Area attempted to consume it, but to no avail. It wasn’t big enough because the fissure wasn’t big enough because the rocket wasn’t big enough. The rocket was transported to The Grey Area indefinetely (even after loops) and was never seen again. The Sproyong exploded and the time loop reset - attempt one hadn’t worked. They would need something else to open the fissure.

The idea of using a meteor was introduced 3 loops after attempt one.

On the 5th loop after said attempt, a meteor from some corner of the observable Bezkonceverse was grabbed and contained in a glass dome near where the Sproyong would explode, frozen in ice with many of the rocks that had been attached to the rocket attached to it.

The Sproyong neared the dome and the meteor was released, many lanterns shining on it to speed it up. It sped towards the Sproyong millions of times faster than the rocket had. However, there was a fatal flaw..

The meteor created the first fissure it was supposed to create normally. It entered The Grey Area and then after a few seconds opened another fissure and crashed outward into Bezkonceverse. However, it crashed into the Sproyong, and pushed it further away from the fissure than it was. The liquid Grey Area that emerged swallowed the meteor instead of the Sproyong.

It was inside The Grey Area and slammed into the sand, stopping its motion but pointing upwards.

The volunteer who had driven the rocket of the previous attempt was still inside The Grey Area. He saw the meteor, he knew his fellow citizens were trying again, and drove the rocket slowly towards the meteor.

He turned on its lanterns, and the rocks attached to the meteor began to glow. It moved forward again, opening another fissure.

The Sproyong was glowing purple, seconds away from exploding, as the citizens were amazed that the meteor returned. It was at a perfect angle, flying away from the Sproyong and into space as the tentacle-like Grey Area emerged from the massive fissure it had opened, bringing the Sproyong into it as it exploded, not resting the loop as it was technically inside The Grey Area, even though it hadn’t been pulled back inside the fissure.