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The Bicoverse is a Universe a bit larger than our own. It's one of the closest universes to our own.

Bicoverse mini

The smaller yellow circle or sphere you see below is the Bicoverse Mini, an Universe trapped into Bicoverse's gravitational pull. It is smaller than our Universe and orbits around the Bicoverse. It also might contain life too.

Some scientist had made 2 theories that explain how the Bicoverse Mini got into the Bicoverse's orbit

  1. Bicoverse's gravitational pull trapped the Bicoverse Mini
  2. The Bicoverse Mini before orbiting the Bicoverse was roaming around the Multiverse beacuse it was ejected from its local universe cluster, was a chunk of a Universe that got separated due to a collision with another one or was formed like this, but suddendly approached the Bicoverse

But, yea it might sustain life, but in 2006, scientist found distorted muffled sounds coming from the Bicoverse Mini. And they are shocked that, these sounds are unstable for humans, so the Bicoverse had more chance to be habitable for humans. They made some theories:

  1. The sounds might be a strange frequency that was directly sent to our Universe, and, as well as we know it, our lovely planet.
  2. It might be a chunk of the Thatsmystoryverse or other unstable universe that has the same thing that got ripped out of its main universe due to loud sounds making that chunk eject or due to a collision
  3. Alien forms might have sent this singal.

The distance between the Bicoverse and Bicoverse mini is estimated to be 2.5 trillion ly