What are big numbers? They help us understand the Universe. We can use these numbers in our everyday life. What is 1,000,000,000? If you want to learn more about them, this is for you.

What is a big number?

A big number is a number that is greater than 100. Try and count to 100, yes it only takes about a minute and 40 seconds if you count slow. So we can say that as you count slower, the longer it takes to count

Big number list

  • Millions (=)
  • Billions (=)
  • Trillions (=)
  • Quadrillions (=)
  • Quintillions (=)
  • Googol (=)
  • Googolplex (=)
  • Googolduplex (=)
  • Googoltriplex (=)
  • Googolquadriplex (=)

We can use these numbers to figure out the Universe. Creators will often use these numbers if they are talking about the vast Universe. The largest non-salad number was discovered by Emlightened and is the Sasquatch.

The study of discovering large numbers is called googology, and you may learn more about it here.

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