Unquak being a showoff.

The Bigverse, as its name may imply, is very large and not to be underestimated. Bigverses tend to be very similar in physics and such to each-other, with a high resistance to corruption or glitching. A Bigverse's most attracting feature is its diversity of planets, as warm rocky spheres float around consistently, and these void planets, while lacking air, are still hubs for life. This airless life also tend to be very unique, not having eyes due to the darkness but having very sensitive whiskers most of the time.

Another, less defining trait would be its density. Where there aren't void planets, there are Clusterverses, and a Bigverse is usually almost entirely like so, although there is a small bit of void.

Finally, its ruling entity of Unquak is a very surprisingly omnipotent entity, being a simple void worm with the aforementioned whiskers attached, he's rather unsuspecting. But, as imaging has shown, he can bend in marvelous ways and is more then just a worm, as well as the rightful owner of the Bigverse.

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