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This verse is a step above the Quadnumberverse, allowing for imaginary speed vibration (imaginary vibration for short). Imaginary vibration is similar to antivibration, but with a different constant (gi instead of gn).

Purely imaginary vibration in strings changes most forces to only apply in the imaginary subdimensions of dimensions. However, the spin of a particle still applies in the imaginary subdimension, but instead of spinning, the particle's speed gets multiplied constantly by a certain constant. Complex vibrating particles combines the way imaginary and real vibrating particles work to get a particle that acts in both the real subdimension and imaginary subdimension.


Omega Glass

This glass is named after the fact that for every cubic centimeter of this substance, it attracts

lightyears of light, which is enough to see (just from one cubic centimeter of this material) anywhere from whole Gigaverses to Tredaverses (depending on the size of the verse) (if megalight rays are used alongside it). It is due to the high density of semi-imaginary photons kept in place with shells of imaginary electrons, both of which carry the electromagnetic radiation, and both of which acellerate light to extreme amounts, causing light to be attracted to the omegaglass (especially the photons).

Omega Ray

This ray is made up of semi-imaginary photons which carry electromagnetic radiation. As they travel, the waves get bigger and bigger, causing amplitude to increase and wavelength to decrease. Due to this property, the waves bounce off pretty much everything and don't get asorbed. Also due to this property, the wavelength and amplitude define how far away the object was, which has a range so extreme that special devices are needed to detect the waves. Mapping programs have been made using the Omega Rays, but as of now, civilizations have only got to the point of mapping whole Poleverses.

Omega Rays come naturally from the class Ωω star in the Binumberverse, so huge dyson spheres have been made around said stars. 


Channelium is a substance that decelerates movement, such as electromagnetic radiation, in order to make it more easily observable. Various amounts of Channelium are used at different parts of Omega Viewing Devices (OVD), allowing the OVDs to see a variety of distances. Channelium is also used in thick layers as suits to protect aganist Omega Rays to prevent things like skin cancer.


This substance is similar to an acid, but the acid is actually in a huge helix in the normal subdimension and imaginary subdimension of a dimension. When it interacts with a proton, it oscillates. If hit with Omega Rays, then the proton will continue to oscillate faster and faster, generating more and more energy. The energy stays in one place instead of going all over the place, making this substance useful for producing energy.

Over 1 quadrillion gallons of Protoenergyium have been transported to class Ωω stars due to this property.

OVD Mapping Program

The OMP (OVD Mapping Program) is dedicated to mapping the whole Binumberverse. Here is the history of the journey:

1000 OYC: First OVD developed using omega ray launchers and omega lenses. It only took a picture of a ton of Tredaverses with 50% of the "map" missing, and that was it. 

1120 OYC: The discovery of the ability to ride light has been made. It is made by using the energy from Cellium in the Poleverse and then funneling it using Nanotubium from the Poleverse in order to merge particles with the photons in light. Combined with the extremely fast travel of Omega Rays, this allows for more area mapped.

1127 OYC: First mapping expedition has begun.

1300 OYC: Production of OVDs suddenly became way cheaper due to improved maps, allowing for easier harvest of Omega Glass, Halfium (for producing Cellium), and semi-imaginary photons, which allows for more progress in the mapping expedition.

1310 OYC: A unknown criminal hijacked the OVD factory, stealing OVDs for his own personal pleasure. Unfourtnately, his naiveness led to his OVD crashing into a another one, sending Omega Photons everywhere at speeds way faster then alllowed, which destroyed a decent portion of the Poleverse.

1320 OYC: OVD factories have been made around the Poleverse in order to more quickly get OVDs to their destination.

1400 OYC: By this point, the OMP is going 100x faster than it used to. Only 0.1% of the Poleverse has been mapped so far.

1500 OYC: The Poleverse has been mapped fully.

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