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NOTE: this page is weird

AND ONE MORE NOTE: I will use chart below with small black dot to represent log scale of location:

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162.png

...except that log scale is "log10Φ(ω,γω)" meaning there is always gap bigger than transinfinite ordinals no matter how much you zoom on the chart line.

And unlike ordinary ones, this one's log scale only applies to right side of "core" mark.

⌬About Bitverse⌬

Bitverse is transinfinitely large verse orbiting largest possible black hole. It contains every arrangement of bit possible, and has the lowest level of disorderliness possible for naturally occuring objects can have. Bitverse is apex of complexity. The Bitverse is a container for all possible kinds of simulations, their interactions iterating into smaller and smaller levels like fractal. It ultimately allows Bitverse to "contain" every possible states of space fabric, by simulating them as interactions of bits.

It allows the verse to contain structures beyond its size and capacity by storing bits in a way they never take up any space, but not reaching zero in mass like Singularity. Such interactions between simulated bits with zero volume allows Bitverse to contain the objects incomparably larger than itself, such as quantumverse. Quick note: Each and every Bitverse there exists has different structures in many cases incomparable to each other, and the example this page is using is the structure of theoretically largest bitverse possible.

The temperature of bitverse is technically immeasurable due to "dividing by zero" error, which is a completely absurd concept, but only when it exists outside Bitverse. In Bitverse, "n divided by zero" is most dominant form of value "temperature" (as every aspects of Bitverse is guided by some form of value-producing mechanism inscribed into the verse's structures), and it exists as a form of unapproachable number immeasurable with common systems of numbers. The temperature does not affect bit structures, since they are simply arrangement of zero-volume points, therefore unable to experience the value and effects of temperature.

⌬Anyways wat is component of Bitverse⌬

As I said, Bitverse stores every concept in forms of information stored as bits. It is actually very important since Bitverse has to hold everything with 0 and 1. Those bits are magically compressed into countless points of volume 0 and mass 0. Hmm, sounds little similar to black hole's singularity?

Well bitverse's elementary units (the "point" I mentioned right above) are kinds of superior singularity where mass is removed to store information without any limits. Basically... information that can be stored in here is limitless.

⌬k now explain weird greek alphabet arrangement of infobox⌬

That lower gamma letter is transinfinite ordinal corresponding to gamma ordinal. I didnt explain what "transinfinite ordinal" is, so lemme explain very few of them:

Beginning is infinite ordinal Ω, the largest one among them. Then build power tower Ω high, which can be described as Ω↑↑Ω. Call it E0, a transinfinite ordinal corresponding to ε0. Now do (Ω↑↑(Ω-1))^E0 which spits E1. Then do (Ω↑↑(Ω-1))^E1 to get E2... continue this again and again to EΩ which is Z0.

All the way up to H0, then to γ0. ye that is age then ascend to phi function then psi function. here in transinfinite psi function level there is size of Bitverse. Ok then it is last step: make transinfinite ordinal corresponding to Ω and call it ℧. Using it, EUSI of Bitverse can be described.

Bitverse Border

and good luck finding out that there is this huge lump of hidden text lol

At border of Bitverse, arrangement of simple bit points create net-like structures breaking into bit fragments upon contact of post-Bitverse object. However this edge region can hardly be called border since it takes up huge volume. Anyways it is border so yeah Ima gonna explain what they are.

⌬Outer Bitverse border

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 01.png

Very outer edge of Bitverse is home to partially-ordered bit points forming octagonal tile arrangement webs. As shown in left, many faded-edge webs exist here. That is why I said outer border webs are "partially" ordered because arranged bit points cannot form continuum of certain order.

Here exists rare shallow fractal of octagonal bit point arrangements usually 2 to 10 layer of octagonal fractal. Octagons rarely close 45° lines to become square, and that square erases other octagons' 45° lines to make square web.

By the way outer border is safe to touch, penetrate, taste, sneeze on it, or lick. Temperature is very mild here at 15°c. When you do whatever you want to this fabrics, they will just disassemble and then get smaller... smaller... smoller... until they disappear into warm flash.

("warm" here refers to temperature of typical star, so you may wanna get out of there before octagon disappears)

So yeah, this region is very kalm place where webs stay in place, and occasionally glow. Even though atmosphere here does not really match visuals of here but this may be the last place anyone can stay before going into chaos of Bitverse.

⌬Inner Bitverse border

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 02.png

Going from outer border to inner border raises temperature exponentially. Because inner and outer border has transinfinite-sized gap between them, temperature skyrocket, no, rocket-fueled-by-exploding-big-bang is more fitting.

Anyways, at temperature over second transinfinite ordinal, outer border gains complete order and can arrange into cubic spaces. Here exists every kinds of cubes touching each other, such as tesserekt, penteract, and so on.

At inner border anti-entropy power of Bitverse creates more ordered bit arrangements, sometiems making interesting things such as allowing randomly-generated digital consciousness to emerge.But they cannot actually "do" anything bcuz there is only transinfinite bit arrangement fabrics here.

Not much meaningful bit arrangements exist here, due to kind of "fire waves" going through here disintegrating any information here. It means that even seeming-meaningful arrangement of bits are somehow actually meaningless when you extract some fragments from there.

So do not throw your secret files, drawings, or things-too-embarrassing-to-show-ppl-around-u here; it won't magically disappear, it will still preserve its form! :O


Bitstars are lump of bits clumped together into self sustaining pattern of bit points comin together. More explanation about em below!

⌬Positive bitstars

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 03.png

At the end of inner border, bitstars float around here which is fueled by arrangements of bits breaking apart and rearranging together. That process makes bit points abandon some of their stored bits, which then Bitverse physics converts abandoned bits into pure energy.

The energy helps more bit points' reactions, and it ultimately produces lump of bit points going through rearranging and breaking. Congratulations, it just became self-sus-taining-star with infinite 100% energyTM to harvest from it!

still, this part is boring because bit points here are meaninglessly arranged, only getting meaning once their luck allows them. Now that's where you should throw away your secret files, drawings, or things-too-embarrassing-to-show-ppl-around-u. Bitstar will provide maximum security!

(except it will destroy it, but isnt that what you want for files I mentioned above?)

(if not, throw it into inner border region)

(and sorry, but bitstar will find a way to reconstruct those files after long long tiem. So dont put things like your first school art project that you were very proud of and showed to everyone around you. No insult intended!)

⌬Negative Bitstars

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 03.png

Negative bitstars are not like positive ones... they feed from abandoned bits of positive bitstars! this may sound same as complete reverse nonsense. However, negative bitstars are actually positive ones backward in tiem. It means your files are not secure here, negative bitstars will spit it BACK !!!!! :OOOO

Negative bitstars form after positive bitstars die. How they die? Well after transinfinite amount of tiem later when all bit points are exhausted and leftover points crash to center and go boom. The Bitverse then resurrects the star by locally going backward in tiem.

With this, negative bitstars seem like a star being born and growing from eating abandoned bits. This is very weird because negative bitstars don't exactly go backward in tiem, making them look like they break physics and act under completely different verse.

What happenes when negative bitstars become normal star again after transinfinite amount of tiem later? Then it is positive bitstar... Obviously ._. and another obvious fact: positive bitstar formed that way also converts into negative ones... unlimited cycle!!!! :DD

Well it is kinda limited due to few more cycle leading to huge explosion, and spreading across Bitverse evenly :c

One interesting property of these things are that they function exact fliiiiiped way of each positive types... ... not really fliiiiiiped, but more like dead person waking up from his grave, returning to deathbed, saying everything he/she said backward, and go back to babie state then resuming same life again. Unless, he/she is not affected by outside forces during 2nd life such as being huge rich. Yup, and yes, negative bitstars function pretty much same way.

⌬Bit Nebula

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 03.png

This thing is a cloud of bit points spread into inter-bitstellar space by death of bitstars. There are sparks and streams of informations flowing through it. Although not as frequent as bitstars, nebulae can generate random structures too.

Again, because this property, bit nebulae is not a good place to shred your embarrasing secrets into ash and throw them inside this. It cannot get rid of it forever, and it can even form negative bitstars without going through positive bitstar phase.

Now that's worse than bitstars. But it gets better! Unlike bitstars, which are chaotic ball of swirling bit points, bit nebula is quite moderate condition. So in here, many randomly-generated consciousness (or sometimes civilization) lasts much longer at here...

and if they mastered skill to trace every particles' motion and energy... ... ...

...d i s a s t e r. U t t e r d i s a s t e r

soooo... yeah. Don't throw anything in here. Not only nebula forms negative bitstars much more frequently than you think, advanced consciousness or civilization (sort of) can accidentally (or purposely) interpret what you have thrown into them.

Hey, the nebula is more awesome aside from that fact! In bright side, nebula drifts to edge of bitverse, forming stars, stars dying, becoming part of drifting nebula, and ultimately getting out of bitverse through border. It may seems cruel, but if tremendous naturally-occuring bit points stay inside bitverse, it can literally explode!

Also, in the process of drifting, intense speed and density nebula blows away any broken structure of bitverse (such as malfunctioning bitverse border) so bitverse can repair those parts. Did not explain it above, but bitverse grabs all structures in place against nebula wind and bitverse lets it go when it breaks. And you may have noticed; those property makes bitverse little similar to huge cellular organism. Neat! :O

⌬Some types of Bitstar

Since bitstars are resembling stars, they have different types too. It is not "spectral" type, because every single positive bitstars basically look same (just like when you try to distinguish two huge lego piles inside bucket constantly mixing). What determines star types of these megachonkers, is density of information. Yes. You heard it right. Information density determines star types here, because bitstars always have same info density from birth to oof.

Negative bitstars have same-sorted class. Btw size doesnt matter bcuz size also stays almost the same among bitstars. temp too.

Oh and about weird units I use to express density, BP is for "Bit Points", and ITS is for "Infinitely Tiny Space"

⌬Type 1

Density: finite < density < infinite BP/ITS

The most common one around. It is just a little more dense than space around it, and does not emit energy. It does not even need nebula from dead stars and intense bit activities! This thing... just sits there... ok so this type of bitstar is not created by "nebula", but by random concentrations naturally occurring from pressures from various places in bitverse.

So yeah, detonate anything such as Galaxy Note 7 and bitverse space (which is at its criticality) will go full war on itself to produce bit points more and more until new bitstar is born. Wait, then, shouldn't bitverse entirely filled in with type 1 bitstars? Surprisingly, that's what it is. Type 1 bitstars are everywhere, and basically bitverse is inside it. Bit points are rearranging and breaking occasionally, which fits properties of bitstars... roughly.

Lastly, because type 1 star is still a star, bitverse space goes through positive and negative state just like every other bitstars!

⌬Type 2

Density: infinite BP/ITS

This is basically beginning of what can be called "bitstar" because Type is "sorta" star but it is more like property of bitverse space itself. Also Im gonna insert more memes because I did not at type 1. To begin, type 2 bit☆s form when that nebula thing implode by itself as if it saw advanced shitpost. This action happens randomly and cannot be controlled.

Even if you detonate bitverse (don't), nebula will ignore and collapse with same rate as it was inside bitverse.

⌬Type 3

Density: transinfinite BP/ITS

If there is little more "nebula thing" to feed to star than type 2, Type 3 star is born. Not much more than type 2, but it has a critical difference: It contains matter!!!! :OOOO ... ... ... ok that might not be surprising, but as I said earlier, bitverse does not have any matter (pun not intended). It only has 100% bit points and 0% secret file security, which acts like it is some sort of matter by concentrating at very tight spaces.

Type 3 stars make that percentage to 99.999...999% bit points, 0.000...001% matter, and 0% secret file security (bitverse really hates secrets doesn't it). Then where does that matter come from?? Surely not singularity because bit points don't have mass and no matter how many of them concentrate, they cannot make up any matter. The answer is type 3 stars are so chaotic that it resists bitverse rule straight up, just like karens resisting laws!

Law of bitverse type 3 really does not like is [Law Number (insert big number): no protoverse is allowed to big bang inside bitverse!!! >:0]. Type 3 stars break that rule by over-concentrating bit points at its center then creating patches where bitverse police (physics rule of bitverse) cannot detect illegal drug which is matter. Although small, VERY small (I mean it, some type 3 stars contain verse even smaller than the earth), type 3 stars become home to a verse.

...until they go die and erase tiny verse within it. real doomsday

⌬Type 4

Density: transinfinite< BP/ITS

Continuing the resistance to bitverse police and policy (pun intended. cringe, sorry!), type 4 bitstars have upper verse structures like Xenoverse or Gigaverse. which is surprisingly hard for bitstars to be, since star has to be insanely bigger for every 1cm3 space of star's contained verse. Bit nebula struggle to conjoin with other bit nebula to form type 4 bitstars, because star is too chonk for normal bit nebula.

Have a little tiem to thonk about it: one step in nether translates to 8 overworld blocks (seriously, look it up at minecraft wiki or something. it's true). So 3 block traveled is 15 block traveled at overworld and so on. That's why your nether portal is always so far from your home by the way. Now, for every one block in nether you travel, is additional 1cm3 to bitstar's inner verse. And one block in overworld is additional 1cm3 to bitstar.

That's approximately how size of bitstar increases in relation to its inner verse's volume (I just planned to describe it with exponent graph but seriously who comes to this wiki to have trauma of freaking math class), except (in this example) one block you travel in nether, is trillions, no, INFINITE ORDINALS of blocks in overworld. I hope that makes more sense why bit nebula goes confused twerking when it has to create type 4 bitstar!

⌬Type 5

Density: (transinfinite<)< BP/ITS

If type 4 bitstars are common school bullies (still, they are some seriously sick d***bags), type 5 bitstars are like terrorist organization leaders. And yes, I made some serious imperstellarations (impersonation+stellar) on bitstars. Sorry about that. Uhh so type 5 bitstars have internal upper-verse structures like The Box and above. Some even have miniature (non-functioning copy of) bitverse in it!

At this level of giantness (size comparable to bitverse core which is FAR below this page), bit nebula just solidly refuses to form these monstrosity chonkers. Only way type 5 stars form is by collision of several, giant bitstars meeting to join forces. It soon attracts more bitstars into newely-formed chonk star until the star is truly going unlimited exponential growth.

"Type 4 bitstar: It is not my bitstar..."

"Type 4 bitstars: It is OUR bitstar..."

* plays*

Sadly, there is no other bitstar above this level, because bitverse police FINALLY detects what these bad boys were doing and creates physics loophole. If the bitstar becomes larget than absolute limit (just a 2/3 less than bitverse's core), bitstar radiates too much bit points that it blows away any extra bitstar possibly falling into it. over time, TOO intense bit radiation of tremendous bitstar makes it shrink down to standard Type 5 bitstar with huge nebula around it.

Miserably for this bitstar, new bitstar will form from nebula and crash back. Then poor bitstar has to radiate intensely again, and repeat. Blown away bitstars are flying away with such intense speed, that it looks like as if the bitstar is a pulsating universe system with border blended with bitverse. It is THAT unique scenery, looking completely different from other bitverse spaces. And when they die, some interesting new type of star forms due to extreme energy.

That brand-new forming star is... let's see... ... ...wait- no way. wth, WHAT???

⌬Type φ

Density: ??? BP/ITS

Another bitverse????????????????? Ok this was completely unexpected. The energy radiating away from chonkiest bitstar's death is so immense, that it literally cracks open space of bitverse. This is quite impossible thing to happen because bitverse's dimension is unlimited. However what makes this possible is when chonkiest bitstars end their life after cycling through negative and positive state, it becomes pure energy concentrated at singular, no-mass point.

It violently expells everything outward. But after some time, gravity of that pure-energy-pointTM boils and pulls bitverse inward. It briefly mixes every single laws of bitverse about what can form or not, what can happen or not, and countless properties original bitverse space had. Then, with explosion, new bitverse is born at death siteTM. Produced bitverse is sorta like neutron-star-like-insane-spinning-fragmentTMTMTM enveloped by bitverse.

It is totally different from original bitverse, and usually co-exists with it if it decides to join border with bitverse and remain kalm.However if new bitverse does not obey bitverse, story is whole lot different. Although both's role are same at storing every digital information possible (thus bitstars were never intention of bitverse. it was accident, a happy, lucky accident), laws of physics fight each other. This hardly distinguishes aggressive bitverse from very bright bitstar.

Bit Simulators

Little deeper than region containing bitstars, there are so many bit simulator simulating every verse and every event of every tiemlines. It is apex of complexity, formed by highest effort of Bitverse. Bit simulator can literally simulate any space! Further explanation below, ordered by farthest to closest from center operator.

⌬Bit simulator border

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 04.png

This border, shape of tetrahedral symmetry, seperates simulator from n÷0 degree temperature to keep its inner temperature close to absolute zero of Bitverse. Reason? just like computer devices, arrangement of bits acting as simulators and programs get 2x more efficient per -1 degree celcius.

The border does not gradually lower the temperature, it plummets by n÷0 someone cut the Bitverse with magical temp knife! however temperature doesnt drop to -2(n÷0), reason being absolute zero of Bitverse being a number between n÷0 and largest transfinity (called ∐ ordinal... will explain it later :P)

around border, information crystals appearing and disappearing from simulator border radiates away. Information crystals commonly contain smol verse of its own because every possible arrangement of bits are contained inside crystals and it has enough complexity to create verse.

Aight that's sum cool factz about information crystals but what is sum cool factz about border itself? Aside from knife-cut temp drop, it is made up of energy from abandoned bits radiating from bitstars, yet they act like sort of matter. It has mass, temp, etc everything that is needed to make something "matter".

⌬Bit simulator inner space

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 04.png

We need to go deeper because there is nothing to observe with the border. Inside it, exists many, many bubbles of "physically simulated" verses. To get rid of unnecessary complexity, it just means big bangs happen from protoverses, and newborn verses flow to their position, being ordered.

Bit simulator gets energy from inflation of these verses and at same tiem simulator drops verses' complexity to level where life is impossible to form. When energy is completely extracted from verse, the verse stops inflation and stays the same.

Obviously new verses are constantly created by big bangs so simulator cannot store these verses indefinitely. At some point, old verses are ejected from bit simulator. Not because they are imposters but bit simulator cannot hold any more of them.

If verses are ejected, then they are converted into information diamond in the process of passing simulator border. Without forcing of simulator, information diamond can have life of its own. Complexity of info diamond rises drastically, and that is what I explained little above.

⌬Virtual space simulators

Bit simulator is not a container for countless verses, it is much more than that! Bit simulator is actually like a gigantic virtual world with unimaginable storage capacity. Many, Many individual simulators formed from meaningful bit point arrangement interacting with each other creates virtual space, that is basically limitless. They can even run cyberpunk 2077 without a bug!!!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOO

(probably that's the only lie of this page)

⌬Verse Simulators

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 04.png

This part is the most important sub-simulator of bit simulator. Verse simulator runs simulation of big bangs and space itself; it can even simulate births of box supercluster or quantumverse! Temperature here is low enough to instantly freeze every single particles, energy, and everything else.

Inside virtual space, verse simulator creates virtual verse, which has its own influence region... But verse simulator only defines that: expansion rate and space where verse directly has an effect on. To avoid overcomplication, Ill just say that verse simulator creates empty verse with some loose physics. Sorta like verse template!

By that, verses in virtual space are very different from real verses. Unlike real verses that have all needed ingredients for its later evolving process, virtual verse has its own template to be filled in by other simulators acting in virtual space. Yeah, that's all verse simulator does. adding a template of verse.


skipping to next one :'D

⌬Physics Simulators

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 04.png

Once there is template, of course, you gotta add basic informations. Physics simulator grants simple, loose verse a rules of ts own. It gives temperature, rules how particles act, and all sorts of physics verse has to have. In fact, physics simulator does not generate physics everytiem it gives physics to verse. Then how? Explained below:

This simulator has many simple physics rules already set in it. It just arranges those very simple rules together to give complicated physics to verse. Then physics rules are stored at its storage in form of connected bit points. So if physics of certain verse gets tangles horribly or freak out to collapse, physics simulator auto restores rules.

If you somehow break bridges between bit points making up physics simulator, reconnect them in right order, and connect some kind of keyboared and you know programming, you will be able to create any verse according to need... for example taking a vacation to a verse where it literally rains taco. Utter heaven.

Anyways the thing is...

This simulator is outside of understanding...


⌬Detailed Object Simulators⌬

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 04.png

After physics rule for verse has been determined, detailed object simulator simulates objects inside the verse perfectly according to verse's physics rule. Detailed object simulator also simulates object at space between verses...where there is not really many physics rules.

What the hecc all does this mean?? Lemme take out an example...

*clinking* *tab**tab* *baam* *wrrrrrr...* *slid* *crack* *bzzzzzz* *bang!!* *pichuun!!!*

...k for example, if virtual verse has same rules as our universe, detailed object simulator will not create any object disobeying physics. It includes eternal-existing objects, tachyon, self containing property, and bunch of others. In other words, virtual space here is more real than reality.

In physical world outside virtual world sometiems sort of... bug and glitch (sometiems making tachyon and self containing properties even inside verse with our universe's physics rule), while virtual world from most-complex-bit-point-arrangementTM has ABSOLUTELY NO bug.

With this perfect machine, if physics rule of a verse in virtual space is set that everything follows your order, well, don't do that because you are very likely to cause dystopia. Just imagine when you play Cities Skylines. After few hour, whole city is covered in flood without you even realizing it!

⌬Verse Storages

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 04.png

This space is kind of glitch appearing inside bit simulators. As I said, simulators act all as one, creating virtual space. But in fact, virtual verses has at least some existence. It means... well, it exists. However virtual space where verses are simulated is actually encoded somewhere inside simulated.

Then why is this problem? It would not be a problem if virtual space was encoded virtually, like what every one of us do everyday on computer. Unfortunately it is instead stored physically. That means there is somewhere in simulate where you can "see" virtual space in form of limitless space.

...Sometiems discord 9-yr-old level of cringe (ok that may have been ridiculous exaggeration) part of simulators can have overflows, file pointer problem, and all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable bugs. This collapses physical virtual (...?) space in rare cases, or usually the space is destroyed due to one single incorporative cringy part of simulator.

Verse storage is like list of error numbers and guide to solving them. This storage contains literally every bugs and solutions to them. So if your computer someday gets entirely bluish like gorgonzolla cheese, just find Bitverse and go into verse storage! At least, it is less tiring than rebooting computer in all possible ways...

⌬Storage Bridges⌬

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 04.png

Do you know what happenes when you try to solve WiPie or Hard Disk pointer problem with 200 year old guidebook that only has guide for fixing turing machine? Thaaaaaat's right, it would be better to pour water with car batteries in it and hope it to auto fix.

Because simulators' virtual space is constantly evolving and they are gaining more complexity, number of error guide verse storage has to contain grows by... don't even try to comprehend. Without verse storages updating real tiem, it will instantly be outdated and destroy simulators trying to self-fix just like 200 yr old error guide I mentioned.

Storage bridges not only connect every verse storages, it is also sharing connection with simulators themselves. Using it, bridges connected to simulators connect to tiny (not actually) computers to analyze errors from simulators to guide em how to solve it. Computer then saves guide rule for later inside storage.

And that is what the picture is. The giant earth-shape (sphere) violet orb is that computer. Oddly sound like it has AI or consciousness of some kind? Well yes, except no. Computer self-learns solutions. Ok that is what AI does but it is little far from how these orbs work.

⌬Tiemline Corrector⌬

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 04.png

(You may have noticed that it is "tiemline comrrector" instead of "timeline corrector", but hey, that's just a joke... a TERRIBLE JOKE!)

Another device preventing from glitch from happening. You know what is one of fundamental property of VERY LARGE transinfinite spaces? It is this: "tiem tends to not match from place one to another". So if you were standing at somewhere from one point to another, your clock will NOT, ALWAYS NOT match someone who has clock too.

you ever played "among us"? NaH that was a bad example. You ever tried to do something online with computer that does not match local tiem zones? that's right, the computer goes wryyyyyy and just refuses to act. Usually this does not happen when there is lots of functions auto-correcting it.

But mine seems broken because whenever I look tiem and correct it, it auto sets to FREAKING HAWAII TIEM ZONE

However you cannot completely get rid of slight tiem difference because in our universe, general relativity always makes "perfect" tiem sync impossible. same with Bitverse, fundamental property of space makes tiems between simulators constantly de-sync!

It seems it isnt a problem when there is only infinitely, transinfinitely, undefinably small tiem difference. However if there is tiny desync in tiem between simulators, they take it personally and stop working. That is worst bug possible since it will delete everything in virtual space. To prevent that, tiemline combiner force-breaks fundamental tiem de-sync property, countless tiems per every moment.

Since tiny variable can make tiem desync, tiemline combiner has to be PERFECT and get rid of anything's tiem de-sync property. So if you were to somehow survive inside bit simulator, part of your indestructible property which is dilation of tiem around you, will be destroyed instantly. That may sound good, but the effect only applies when you are inside Bitverse... which is totally useless because nobody will come to pure heat hell for only that reason (Bitverse).

⌬Power Supply⌬

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 04.png

Ok they were nice and all, but wth how does all simulators and devices even work? Earlier, I mentioned that there is a huge realm of physical verses at close to border of bit simulator. Bit simulator extracts complexity and energy from these physical verses.

A device that converts energy extracted from verse to usable "electricity" (this electricity is LOT different than what you expect) for simulators. The power supply has unbelievable energy efficiency; its insane efficiency even surpasses 100% by incomparable percentage!

Remember I said Bitverse denies entropy and all sorts of cringe and bad physics? Not an exception for power machine. It denies entropy and extracts 120%, 2000%, or even more whatever it want. Different simulator parts use different power, so this power supplying machine has very precise "electricity" intensity control.

For example, very smol modules made from bit points can run with electricity so small, that it is same as not using up "electricity" at all. And in the opposite, there is a huge simulator modules. Their "electricity" consumption? ... ... ... ok that is a lot

Meaningless Bits

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 05.png

Ah, it is simple: meaningless bits are poops of very intense digital activities such as bitstars oofing or bit simulator glitching horribly. Like border region's bits, Meaningless Bits have physical form, but at same tiem it is not. As weird as "flying cars" actually being "flung car" in year 2077 :O

Let's take a common example, 92 pounds 3'6" tall space bean. When you find some arrangements of meaningless bits resembling that space bean and somehow put it in computer, there will be nothing... not even single bit! Ngl! Not even blue screen!

And "form" of meaningless bit is not allowed in physics of our universe, so the universe will FREAKING IMPLODE!! :D

...yes, these shards of bit points are quite dangerous. And they are completely useless since there is nothing to use it for any practical purpose, not even single practical purpose! These bits randomly drift around Bitverse space until it gets absorbed by bitstars or central core.

Meaningless bits are actually just an empty, free real estate space somehow acting like it is real bit (weirdly this includes imaginary and unreal bits). But as soon as you open it, it is just empty space glitched at smallest scale possible in existence!

⌬Types of meaningless bits?

Yeah... they are not the same fragment as glass dropped on table... it is more like... ... ... there is no real world example sorry! Back to the topic, meaningless bit types are very closely related to emptiness level, which differentiates none-existing states according to its lack of certain material (like this). Meaningless bits' types are not really clear, but rather like when the imposter is sus you pour tons of ink to typical natural pond (I'm sure it is illegal). It is more like gradiation.

And about each types: it may be WTH level of confusion at first, but concept is simple: if type of meaningless bit is ω, its information resembles physical stuff, but there is actually nothing! Their type is determined how intense digital activity happened to form a meaningless bit, higher intensity of activity resulting higher type of meaningless bit.

⌬Type ω: False physical form

This type radiates away from type 1 bitstar and bit storages. Always. In short, Type ω meaningless bits are the most common one around, it can be found anywhere! Not much energy is required to form Type ω meaningless bits, they are product of bitverse space being excited for VERY brief time due to something like reaction of bit points inside bitstars.

⌬Type ε: False spacial form

Worse than ω meaningless bits, ε ones are flexing as if it is really a thing. And ε meaningless bits don't even have one property that something existing in reality should have. But somehow, these garbages (literally) of bitverse activities float just like normal bit fragments! Huh? Oddly similar to thousands of spam & advertisement mails you always wanna get rid of but you are too lazy to do so?

From here, collision between meaningless bits and bitverse structures become little... problematic. You see, these useless fragments are still arrangement of bit points. That one property makes them able to stick to bitverse structures. And you know what happenes when black ink drops into puddle of colorful inks? That's right, beauty of puddle is seriously damaged or completely darkened. Meaningless bits are like black inks, they can do a lot of damage to bitverse structures.

⌬Type ζ: False numerical form

It's simple and is a meaningless bits pretending to be actual existence while their true identity is something with property of all 0. So glad Type ζ meaningless bits are rare, because it literally annihilates structure it touches. While false spacial meaningless bits only rip off the structure it touches, type ζ meaningless bits decrease size, functionality, number of bit points, ... everything that is important for bitverse structure.

But it gets better! Type ζ meaningless bits decrease "numbers" of bitverse structures completely randomly. The reason why it is much more problematic is that if bit simulator gets struck by type ζ meaningless bit, it might contain information size even larger than transinfinite amount of bitverse, but its simulators only having capacity of 1 byte. That will make bit simulator explode, and any other serious abnormality to bitverse structure will result in bitverse auto destroying it.

⌬Type η: False set theoretical (and below) form

Unlike type ζ meaningless bits (which quietly shakes property and leaves structure), these bad bois almost completely kill the structure coming into contact with. Rarity of type η meaningless bits reach the realm of transinfinity, but they can still collide with various important bitverse structures to cancel out existence of itself and structure it bonked in. At that side, meaningless bits are like antimatter.

⌬Type Γ: False existence form

Do you know what happens when you throw anti-sun into our sun? Obviously, they annihilate each other completely. Do you know what happens when you throw Γ type meaningless bit into one of bitverse's structure? They annihilate each other completely. What happenes when I throw overused joke for 3rd time at my page? They annihilate each other completely.

⌬How structures defend themselves from sneaky little viruses

Because meaningless bits can be extremely dangerous to bitverse structures, and there is no way to distinguish them until it hits something, structures have their own unique defense mechanism specially prepared to defend against freaking corona- I mean meaningless bits which are very similar to viruses. I mean, you don't hope for you to live when there are randomly-directed explosion of sword rushing toward you with constantly changing gaps?

⌬Defense of bitstars

Actually, they don't need any defense. Winds of bit points radiating from them does not attract those viruses, but better, push them away. This forms safe zoneTMTMTMTMTMTM around bitstars where various structures can rest without danger. Well, there is still a way meaningless bits can do damage to safezoned structures.

Easy example is when you place box wit cat in it in sunlight to prevent it from... ... whatever, who even does that. Anyways, let's say sun ray gets very strong and it has power to push away thieves from your properties. It is pretty effective, but there is a catch. It leaves tiny patch of shaded area,where thieves can enter and steal your precious cat.

Like this, bit structures can be damaged by meaningless bits drifting through shadow from bit structures. So bitstars cannot provide full protection. However they are safe from destruction, so I think it is fair price to pay?

⌬Defense of other structures

Because bitstars that structures relied on protection turned out to be quite garbage (what is the meaning of anti-nuclear bunker when someone stole bunker ceiling), they need something themselves to keep them... ... ... functioning. They produce antibody-like fragments of bit points but they actually exist. Those "antibodies" constantly radiate from structures without stopping, and those antibodies collide with meaningless bits, annihilating them before they do damage.

Bit Fabrics

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 06.png

At even deeper part of Bitverse, weird visible transinfinitely wide fabrics appear. It feels like outer border region of Bitverse, just octagons of fabrics all replaced with bestagon hexagon. These fabrics are fundamental "space-like" stuff transferring laws of physics all across the Bitverse.

Ok that's nice and all, but why does this fabric thing visible here? isnt space transparent? Yeah that's true, but density of this hex web becomes so much that it starts to generate physical forms of itself. The physical form of this fabric is similar to meaningless bits. So you will implode if you touch this.

the "electricity" that bit simulators use also flows through hex fabric, which makes light emitted from bit fabrics pulse. This pulse is not like heartbeat or wave on sea of diet coke, it is more like throwing hyper-magnetic diet coke bottle at hollow metal sphere and watching the metal sphere bonk the energy back in form of immense electric burst.

Fabric occasionally breaks from movement of objects through it.It quickly rearranges, but shattering leaves quite a lot amount of meaningless bits equivalent to original fabric that was part of whole. Conclusion: don't drop 1000c' iron ball because it won't only make u implode so you don't get to upload a video, it is bad for Bitverse too.

⌬Where are bit fabrics useful for?

Because page cannot just let it be there as a fabric or something of bitverse and hand everything it does to random imaginations, it will include some useful things bit fabrics do for bitverse.

⌬Energy distributor

As described above, energy-consuming structures such as bit simulators need a lot, A LOT of "electricity" to run. More than enough is needed since energy lost during transfer between bit points are immense. How it reaches to bit simulators located at very edge of bitverse is simple; there is very dense bit fabrics stretching all the way across bitverse, just invisible. So bit fabric is sort of like blood veins, delivering essential nutrients (?) to everywhere.

⌬Energy producer

Energy burst happening at dense part of bit fabric is also a boost pushing bit nebula to outside of bitverse. Which is very important, because it is like boost at emitting CO2 produced from breathing! Nebula hurries to get out of bitverse, producing countless bitstars providing that necessary "electricity". "electricity" emitted by bitstars transfer throughout the bit fabric, keeping structures from dying.

⌬Energy controller

You see, there are lots of "electricity" producers such as bitstars or disappearing meaningless bits. If bit fabric just let that energy be contained or deliver all of it to structures, it may cause a lot of damage. Bit fabric constantly emits energy in form of energy burst, so it is absorbed by nebula and unnecessary energy goes with it. Sure, it boosts flow of nebula which pushes everything outward, but it is at least safer option rather than letting bitverse be the biggest firework ever.

Radiation Border

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 07.png

the "radiation border" is the outermost effective region of Bitverse core. The border is not imaginary, but really exists! If you see the pic, there is sphere emitting bright light. That light is emitted by process the core is eating away bits around it... like how black hole becomes when-you-see-the-karen-on-comments mode.

For those who don't understand what that joke means, it means you are gathering max power and convert all of it to rage...hope that makes more sense!

Anyways the radiation border is formed by dense stream of bit fragments being thrown into accretion disk of Bitverse core. However reaction that forms bubble is not this; it is half of very tiny fragments kicked away not because of hacking but because of Bitverse core sending out pulse everytiem it absorbs EXACT right amount of bit fragments.

kicked fragments rapidly spiral outwards, but slow down due to core's attraction. Fragment is converted into pure clump of energy during outward spiraling. Eventually its outward motion slows down and stop. Because it was not staying in place but rather orbiting the core in spiral, energy clump stays in certain orbit for long tiem until it falls inward to poof into core.

It is that imaginary globe where energy clumps' orbits meet, radiation border. On last fact... its energy density is almost equivalent to ... ... yeah there is no fitting word.

⌬Different regions of radiation border

As mentioned, the radiation border is not a solid shell but a phenomenon caused by accretion disk of bit core. Because of that, different distance around accretion disk has different "wind" speed. Little ironically, faster the wind, the less dense that region is. Mainly due to objects moving too quickly to occupy any space in (pun absolutely, even in dreams, not intended) space.

Oh and by the way, most of bit nebula comes from space being triggered by energy flow of here.

⌬Outer region

Outer region expands from little far from radiation border to imaginary sphere where nebula emitted from reactions going on in below regions slows down to "normal" speed. The density of bitstars are the highest here, because, obviously, nebula lumps are MUCH denser than edge of bitverse and those nebula clouds collide often. Although scenery is truly mystical, it is emergency for bit fabric. The fabric is about to explode, but it struggles to survive which keeps it, surprisingly, alive.

⌬Mid region

Mid region contains the radiation border. Nebula from core's effective region is entirely made at radiation border. the energy density of it excites the space, causing a lot of damage to bit fabric. However, there is a fact not mentioned above; excited bit fabric not only creates a bunch of meaningless bits, it also spits out surplus energy!! what that means, is that when the bit fabric THIS excited has energy input-output ratio of 1 to (number bigger than 1). I n f i n i t e p o w e r ! ! !  : D

⌬Inner region

Particles here travel so fast, they just refuse for nebula flowing into radiation border to form bitstar. Every single moment a bitstar is formed, wind of particles shred it into atoms dimensional gas smallest possible particle in bitverse. This is done to prevent anything from colliding with bitverse core and moving it even a slight distance, because the reason I mentioned at "bit core" part.

⌬Innermost region

The border dividing Inner Region and Innermost Region is force of bit core. There is core and accretion disk in innermost region. Just inside innermost region, attraction of bit core is very strong, even enough to catch escaping particles and make it part of accretion disk. needless to say, nebula forms only to become part of accretion disk. Speed of accretion disk is heartbreakingly fast, that nothing can ever hope to find place to appear inside accretion disk.

Core Orbitals

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 08.png

At here, all possible position of core exists. White circles are that locations. Nope, it is not imaginary, it is visual. blurry sphere at center is the core's border, and it hides anything inside it. There is that accretion disk of bit fragments crossing the center of photo, and countless particle streams falling from radiation border.

But heres the problem, at weirdest place like this, quantumverse exerts megachonk amount of quantum juice to specifically core (it takes over 99% of quantum juice). This makes such CHONK object like core to follow quantum rules, which it should not ever, EVER be doing.

If core's position is changed even fraction a bit, it is like misclicking "paint" tool on lines instead of white space. Some fabrics tend to align exactly with core, and other one just... exists (insert "something: exists" meme here). Sitting there like as it always has been. little incorporation between two leads to catastrophe with level close to rick roll

(well it is not really catastrophe, but links are)

Because there is no entity in Bitverse, core might move to farthest corners of Bitverse because of quantum rules. Core avoids this by already placing fake cores to every single possible locations of core. 79342982794384 IQ 4 parallel bitverse ahead solution!

So in a coconutshell, quantumverse tried to piss on Bitverse, but Bitverse shiet on quantumverse instead.

⌬Just some texts for fun

press Ctrl+a to see Hidden Message!

The Hidden Message:

Bits Core

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 09.png

Yes...! finally it is main part of bituverse! As I mentioned, like ten tiems (I think it is 6... no, 4... you get the pointe), this core thing is not a black hole. It is just a huge mess of bit points crammed SO hard that they break spacetiem of Bitverse.

Pic at the left is not actually a core itself, but a border that only forms around core. It seperates rest of Bitverse from core, and destroys anything trying to enter the core. So technically inside of this border is inaccessible and information too. This sneaky little evil border makes everything in it same as none-existent.





        insert("yo mama")


    --Im offended :(--

    --access False--





    --access True--

    --thx u may type anything--


I have this

With ultrapowerfulAITM, We can go into the border by breaking it both physically and numerically. Sure, it can result in collapse of Bitverse in 20% chance, but let's hope that we are the first ones to go in here.

⌬Wth is core border⌬

No Idea! Probably something weird like event horizon of information? Little similar to black hole's event horizon (where everything entering inside it gets lost forever), but instead of destroying the matter, core border sucks in the matter then disintegrates it into smallest possible component. After being sucked in and disintegrating, absorbed matter floats in an endless space. Then, when it finds the border, it radiates away. when it touches something described at next heading, they get sucked in.

Singularity Envelops

kek this name is so obvious and role is obvious too but Im gonna explain it anyway. Even though core is not a black hole, it still has singularity. That singularity is NOT a singularity but only "called" singularity. It does not have mass or anything, it is bit points somehow existing in very weird dimensions. Those envelops divide into different types.

⌬1st envelop

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 11.png

This thing is actually a miniverse broken as hell as brains of karens. The miniverse is connected to core border with strange "fire" strings transferring crazy energy whether miniverse want it or not. Verse border is unusually thicc, and contains countless The Particle appearing and disappearing constantly, averaging at hundred.

(not so) F U N F A C T: similar action also happens inside protons and neutrons

this hella broken miniverse goes crazy and contains every integer dimensions (including 0). Nothing makes sense at here since when you walk one step and poof you are suddenly in random dimension so high (you will be high too) that you must stop trying to comprehend that damn d i m e n s i o n s ! ! :D

Although dimensions are tangled together meaninglessly, there are still some orders remaining such as universes. Also dimensions at least align together at each other. they stick together like rose, outer petal being higher dimensions than inside.

hmm, wonder what happens when you are in between "petals" of dimensions?

...I don't think you wanna do that

⌬2nd envelop

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 12.png

this thing has absolutely no mass or energy. How certain I am about it? well, it is about after me seeing someone vent into electrical and kill "Cheesus". You know, someone with mint color and Flamingo hat. Back to the topic from Amogus, what is it made of?

You see, there is a line differentiating areas which has square shape. Each differentiated space contains own weird laws of physics. However, you know by now, this is FAR LESS WEIRD than it should be in Bitverse. The truth is that it contains another Bitverse built by those physics laws.

Interestingly they are... just there, and does not require neither mass nor energy nor Amogus.

This layer continues on forever, without limit. One good thing is that dimensions are static over all layers. Yeah, static... screw it it is not static at all. every dimensions is jumbled somehow together and they are at verge of imploding the core then explode like spoiled milk. Static here means "every layer has same level of chaos"

well kek that surely is not good, because it allows quantumverse to wreck the Bitverse. And that's why it is very fortunate to have same level of chaos for every layers. Imagine mixing every single liquid there is. sure, it is very unstable, but it does not annihilate same kind of it like antimatter and matter. Space here is just like that, dimensions are mixed together equally that it can easily be contained by this envelop without causing fwoom.

⌬Repetition envelop

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 13.png

This one is composed of limitless number of energy shell continuing forever. So heres how this works: outermost shell has dimension of... highest possible. That highest dimension possible in Bitverse is n÷0, and that "n" is undefined here. Shell inside it has dimension of (n÷0)-0.000...0001. Number of 0 is limitless here.

And shell inside it has dimensions of ((n÷0)-0.000...0001)-0.000...0001, you get the pattern (I won't write more because it will become spammy more than bullets from hundreds of AK-47. but I have to agree this text in parenthesis is much longer than the number spam would have been. sorry! :c ).

Unlike 1st and 2nd envelop (which are actually crammed to thickness close to zero due to weirdness of space), this envelop cotinues painfully long until finally, FINALLY, innermost shell reaches dimension right above 0. That shell is SO CLOSE to 0th dimension, but it never is. dissatisfying, VERY!!! >:0

different space of verses exist between envelops, meaning there is part of our universe between indefinitely many crazy envelops. You CAN live there, but I do not recommend it. Because if space containing copy space of our universe is between let's say AMOGUSVERSE and probabilistic box supercluster... ... ... ...

If shell has even single tiny crack, our universe will become absolute chaos and most 😳ඞsusඞ😳 place in existence. What a pure nightmare.


KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 15.png

Yes. Singularity. inside innermost repetition envelop, there lies singularity of Bitverse which is oddly 3D shape but is actually 0D. WEIRD!!!! :0 weird indeed, space curve even adds 3D illusion to 0D thing. Crazy!! Around this, every single information exists. Wait, doesnt Bitverse do same thing? Yes, but there is more than that.

Sorry to mention quantumverse here, but there are multiple bitverses inside quantumverse (too many to count, so just give up. hey, at least Im not gonna give YOU up!). Singularity acts as connectors of all bitverses. That means, there are only one true singularity at single bitverse and rest are all just perfect replica

Around singularity, any verse that might arise from protoverses orbiting singularity is crushed down to bit point, endlessly orbiting the singularity. Those bit points can have bridges made from energy particles. Which is pretty nice, bcuz it sort of forms biggest virtual space that grows bigger and bigger each moment.

However anything getting too close gets brutally obliterated like innocent space beans doing electrical works to sustain their spaceship. Singularity feeds on those bit points falling toward it. The process releases so much energy that can obliterate all repetition envelops.

Luckily, border controls that energy and releases much of it to bitverse space. Because energy is concentrated at wider space, safe! But... where does all that absorbed bit points go?

Nonth Dimensions

Inside (which is kinda impossible) singularity, there are many "holes" stretching all the way down to lowest level of number. How to do it is simple: since 0 is most basic level of "none", something that represents lower "number" than 0. Luckily, there is already a symbol representing "lack of zero". It is called empty set, and it is ∅. Sure, it is not entirely made for that purpose, but it is possible to imagine by writing ∅, it is less than 0 but not negative.

I am using quote("")s a lot but seriously, not much makes sense here! :OOOOOO

⌬Standard 0>n dimension

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 16.png

starting from ∅, this hole thing leads deeper and deeper to somewhere weird. Dimension (which is already broken as keyboard after 3 hours of clownpiss fight) gets lower than ∅ at some point, let's call it ☧th dimension.

This hole goes on and on until dimensions goes down to the point where it cannot go down anymore. after using up every single symbols (more than infinity, transinfinity, and more) and there is just no more symbols to name dimension. It can only be written as "th dimension".

ok enough for explanation about dimensions, what does these holes do? First, they transfer everything touching the singularity into... ... ... well it is kinda spoiler so I cant tell! Ill only say, for now, it generates some interesting features inside that 3D distorted singularity at weird blocks of absolute no dimension.

Im kinda saying like it is something like minecraft (duh just look at it I said "features" and "blocks"), so no meme or joke tiem. Sorry but there will be no joke until next sub heading :(

uhh yes so there is this nonsense space with dimension that is impossible to exist.

However this is not the end of impossible dimensions...

⌬Not not not standard (0>n)>n dimension

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 17.png

This thing is absolute end of nothingness. It has dimension of:

Yeah, literally. It has no more ways to describe emptiness of number. This is absolute lowest dimension possible and hole (which has crumbled as if stepped on lego) continues for... who knows! It has been char down to atom- I mean dimensional gas- I mean smallest anything can be, far below zero.

As wrote in subheading, (0>n)>n, it has dimension below everything below zero and cannot be described or defined (which causes very weird paradox. For example, if something's definition cannot be defined, and some mad lad defines that "something" as "something cannot be defined", is "something" defined or not?).

(Oh wait then finality index causes paradox! Pages including it is also paradox! Paradox is dumb! Some of my pages also contain finality index number!! My pages are dumb!!! Noooooo!!!)

(*pisses and shits all over the floor until faints*)

Uhm... yes. so It cannot be defined by anything.

M-Moving on!! :'D

⌬True Singularity. Heck yeahhhh.⌬

KakaoTalk 20210402 153626162 18.png

Yup, last part! its dimension can no longer be lowered because it is at absolute minimum. This is where space has maximum efficiency. Enough pile of this singularity, and you get literal answer to EVERYTHING (of course you will have to search through random arrangements)!! :OOOO

Actually left pic is not a singularity itself but overlapping envelops of realities (each with different "everythings") meeting at this tiny point. It is possible because energy of whole bitverse pointing toward this. Which opens wobbly gate between realities.

Wobble allows realities to meet each other but not perfectly. it sort of causes mini quantumverse, and it is what makes half of bitverse fabrics stay attached to the core (explained it at ⌬Core orbitals). Literally glitching out realities take existence of part of bitverse fabric personally.

d i s t o r t i o n of reality is creating all sorts of weirdest things and all of them falls into singularity. Also singularity is where everything the core absorbs are contained.



this is final thing that bitverse has. Bye bye!

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