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The Black Ring is the 12th Ring in the Ring series. It scores a Black on the Kardashev scale. It is the final ring named after a color (although this title technically goes to the Grey Ring, as black usually not considered a color), with the following Rings (with the exception of the Final Ring) being named after electromagnetic radiation. It is run by the Black Ring Regime.

The Black Ring has the taste and smell of black licorice. However, 37.24% of the time, it tastes and smells of blackberries. It is the last known Ring to have its own smell and taste, with the following Rings being too unstable.

The Black Ring has an even more powerful Guardian than the previous Rings. It is a true machine of death, destroying anything in it's path. It shows no mercy or remorse for dying or suffering enemies. It has killed countless amounts of beings.

The Black Ring is the most unstable Ring yet. Every 37 days, 5,900 to 11,300 Grey Rings will be ejected (23600 to 45200 in the outer sections). However, these numbers increase to 17,700 to 33900 (70,800 to 135,600 in the outer sections) when the Guardian is displeased (which it is, approximately 96.45% of the time).

The Black Ring is an extremely dangerous place to live. There is constant war, and the crime rates reach never-before-seen levels, especially against outsiders. To make matters worse, the Black Ring Regime, which, as mentioned before, runs the Black Ring, is extremely cruel.

It is one of several rings to be apart of the notorious Federation of Rings. It commonly works with the Grey Ring to create new technology. At the current moment, it is attempting to find a way to gather many Dieverses, which can be used to intentionally induce a catastrophic event. This could be used as a weapon against other rings.

Note: Do not attempt to disassemble the Black Ring in an attempt to reassemble it into a chair. Your stomach will instantly fill will screwdrivers.

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