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The Blankverse is a huge verse with nothing in it except for some weird gas.

Discovery and encounters

This verse was discovered in 273 OYC, when a group of explorers attempting to find instead found this verse. When trying to enter, the weird gas inside of the Blankverse did [REDACTED] to their spacecraft,

forcing them to abandon the craft. They were never found afterwards.

Many creatures have occasionally found this verse when they traveled outside The Box. All have not been successful in getting a sample of the gas or finding anything in the Blankverse other than the weirdgas.

The Gas

The gas in the Blankverse has found to be highly corrosive and dangerous. The gas is translucent, and glows a faint white. The composition of the gas is yet to be determined, and probably won't be throughout the next 10 OYC due to the ridiculous properties of the gas.

The reason why the gas is nigh impossible to sample, contain, and study is because it will burn and melt through almost all things from which it is contained by. That has made studying the gas extremely hard.

Creatures have made desperate attempts to try to contain the gas. One group brought the gas to an absolute-zero climate-controlled environment to try to freeze the substance. However, the gas did not freeze or even turn into liquid state. Later, when the experiment was cancelled, the gas was found to have stayed at the same roughly one googolplex degrees throughout the whole experiment.