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Mylar Dale Tolo - MDTTV Mylar Dale Tolo - MDTTV 3 days ago

TRA-2367/List of gigaverses

Here is the list of gigaverses in the largest teraverse called TRA-2367.

  • 1 GIG-928
  • 2 GV-442
  • 3 TG-8109
  • 4 TG-710

It is the largest gigaverse ever. Contains MGA-992, Barnards Megaverse, SZ-61392 and more.

This gigantic gigaverse contains 4000 megaverses (list).

It is the smallest gigaverse ever which contains 278 known megaverses (List).

It is the 2nd smallest gigaverse which contains 290 known megaverses.

It is the 3rd smallest gigaverse which contains 329 known megaverses. The color is purple.

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Drdtdydu Drdtdydu 13 days ago


this is my first page and im new to fandom to it may be bad


and to the power of istydiufyiyuf r vfjkhvjk
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Mylar Dale Tolo - MDTTV Mylar Dale Tolo - MDTTV 14 days ago


PTA-3354 is known for 3 things: having the smallest teraverse, having the largest teraverse and the largest petaverse ever. It contains 10000 teraverses and 750 billion civilizations.

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33.5Youtuber 33.5Youtuber 16 days ago

Beyond Everything

This is my scales beyond Everything in my style, my scale, and my powers.

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Dingo67 Dingo67 19 days ago

Making pages

He it's

me Dingo67 I make almost Daily pages on this amazing wiki (All Dimension

s) I love this Wiki and I love using it.

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08dravennew 08dravennew 25 days ago

Big Chungus

(do not unblog this please this is an archive from another wiki)

Big Chungus is an immortal wabbit god that is making the world infinitely based. They are better than all Trollsomes or whatever the fuck you call them because BIG CHUNGUS ON TOP!!!!

  • Be a based asf wabbit
  • Defeat Bob
  • Create The Box
  • Defeat TFD
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Mylar Dale Tolo - MDTTV Mylar Dale Tolo - MDTTV 27 days ago


TRA 2367 is known for 3 things: having the smallest gigaverse, having the largest gigaverse and the largest teraverse ever. It contains 5500 gigaverses and 75 million civilizations.

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Lightingdash5399 Lightingdash5399 28 days ago

Guys I like Alpha so that’s why I made Alpha Hub

Well since I made alpha. Time to make beta.

the Beta Hub is actually lots of BETA forming a bigger BETA, . The creators are known as BETA. the BetaHub itself contains some planets too. but can happen rarely. (Ye)

I’m sorry this page is short. But it’s a Blog,

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Themolten8 Themolten8 28 May


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Seekerofthelost Seekerofthelost 25 May


My friend stumbled upon this elevator about 3 months ago. He thought that he had discovered new level in the backrooms. He told me he couldn’t leave. In his words he quote on quote said “this was a parking garage and I kept wondering and came across the elevator”. He took it and returned to reality.

I think that this is a alternative reality because he also said it was a destroyed version of earth. This made me believe it was the frontrooms. I’ve been studying this for about 2 years now and never herd a story of the fontrooms.

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2022 French Invasion of Belgium

France Invaded Belgium at February 24, 2022, Marking a Steep Escalation of The Franco-Belgian War, The Invasion is Disrupted The Economy of Belgium, Also, International Sanction Against France is Ineffective Because Emmanuel Macron Have Denied The Invasion of Belgium

  • Date: February 24, 2022-Present
  • Belligerents: France, Bordeaux PR and Strasbourg PR (Supported by Netherland) VS Belgium
  • Commander and Leaders: Emmanuel Macron (President of France) and Alexander De Croo (President of Belgium)
  • Strength:
    • France: 175,000-190,000
      • Bordeaux PR: 20,000
      • Strasbourg PR: 14,000
    • Belgium: 209,000 (Armed Force), 102,000 (Paramilitary), 900,000 (Reserves)
  • Casualties:
    • Civilians: 9,487-24,487 deaths (per Belgian Government)
    • Belgian Forces: 23,367 deaths (per French Gover…

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LNEzPW6z LNEzPW6z 19 April

The Pre-Hierarchy (My Edition)

  • 1 -Class 0-Proto Class-
    • 1.1 Traditional Objects
    • 1.2 Substring
    • 1.3 Verseuni Chain
  • 2 Class -1-Null Class
    • 2.1 Heck Chain
    • 2.2 Absolutely Tiny Particles
    • 2.3 Primordial Particles
    • 2.4 Blueprint Particles
    • 2.5 Primordial Realities
    • 2.6 Absolutely Tinier Particles
  • 3 Class -2-Sub-Xial Class
    • 3.1 Mathematical Objects
    • 3.2 Axions
    • 3.3 Nonons
    • 3.4 First Elementary Nonexistent Particles Chain
    • 3.5 Pre-Conceptual
    • 3.6 Second Elementary Nonexistence Particles Chain

  • Universe Region
  • Galaxy Supercluster Multiplex
  • Galaxy Supercluster Complex
  • Galaxy Supercluster
  • Galaxy
  • Planetary System
  • Star
  • Planet
  • Object
  • Molecule
  • Atom
  • Proton
  • Neutron
  • Quark
  • Lepton
  • Neutrino
  • Boson
  • Preon
  • Pre-Preon
  • String
  • Quantum Particle

  • Uqraek Fiber
  • Source Particle
  • The Anti-Most
  • Concept of Smallness
  • The Smallest Thing Before Everything Size Reaches Zero
  • Protoverse

  • Ve…

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CompactStar CompactStar 19 April

I'm still alive

If anyone is wondering what happened to me, I don't edit much on wikis anymore. And when I do, it's usually on Beyond Universe Wiki, where I am a bureaucrat and try to clean up spam and low-quality pages (it has been surprisingly successful!). So I mostly forgot about this wiki.

The only thing I HAVE been editing here is The Generic Hierarchy, but no one cares about that anymore. I'll try to actually make some content now, but I can't give any guarantees and I'm very busy with non-wiki stuff and Beyond Universe Wiki.

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Retzinian is the main language of Retzin-5512. It is an abjad writing system. It was created in 1,700 BC as Pre-Ledsini. It was originally read right to left, but was changed to left to right.

Retzin-5512 also has a number system which is Base-12.

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Thecoolmanhere Thecoolmanhere 9 April


Stickboy could be literally anywhere in space

Stickboy is on the Stick Verse

Stickboy likes to play

please give stickboy a hug

and if you do not


Because he might get angry

Stickboy is the coolest space entity in the spaceverse

be like stickboy

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A verseyverse A verseyverse 2 April

Mishy Particle

A particle that when collides with another of itself it makes a blueprint particle.

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A Microverse is a universe ranging in size from an inch to a light-year. They can have objects in them, depending on their size. Some can only be explored by looking at them from the outside. Objects inside can range from small particles, planets, stars, and even star systems.

Micro-10: A Microverse 0.5 light-years across, with 2 stars and 15 planets within it.

Micro-08 / Microphot: An inch wide microverse containing a single photon that bounces around on the inside.

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If you are in the universe, you will see…the broken physics. And if you want to count the side of it, it is…10(101009999999)|size=10(101001010010100) sides'There only 1 person contacted with the universe. His name is A-1207-EAS602.

The image of A-1207-EAS602 taken is below

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Allabduilah1801 Allabduilah1801 16 March

Infinity above

  • 1 Tier 0
    • 1.1 Heck level
    • 1.2 Weird Names
    • 1.3 Building Block
    • 1.4 Planetary
    • 1.5 Stellar
  • 2 Tier 1
    • 2.1 Galactic
    • 2.2 Universal
    • 2.3 Multiversal
    • 2.4 Archverses
  • 3 Tier 2
    • 3.1 Beyond Archverses
    • 3.2 Recursive Structures
    • 3.3 Voids
    • 3.4 Transvoids
    • 3.5 Yin-Yang
  • 4 Tier 3
    • 4.1 Normal Names?
    • 4.2 Deprecated storage quotas
    • 4.3 Australia
  • 5 Tier 4
    • 5.1 Greatness
    • 5.2 Even weirder names
    • 5.3 -verses
    • 5.4 Numbervoids
  • 6 Tier 5
    • 6.1 Yang-Ying
  • 7 Basic Verses (Tier 1)
    • 7.1 The Main Verses
    • 7.2 The Box
    • 7.3 Transcendentem
    • 7.4 Heaven
    • 7.5 Universeverse
    • 7.6 Dimensional Verses
    • 7.7 Realm Chain
    • 7.8 Spaces
    • 7.9 The Water Chain
    • 7.10 Infinite Chain
    • 7.11 Epic chain
    • 7.12 The Dimensional Lands
  • 8 Post Reality (Tier 2)
    • 8.1 Graphs
    • 8.2 Lands 2.0
      • 8.2.1 Law Tier
    • 8.3 Kentos
    • 8.4 Cosmic Web
    • 8.5 Non-existant
    • 8.6 Tunnels
    • 8.7 Bright
    • 8.8 Voids I
    • 8.9 Home Items III
    • 8.10 Yin-Yang
    • 8.11 Yang-Yang
    • 8.12 Finals IV
  • 9 ⍙ …

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Allabduilah1801 Allabduilah1801 16 March

Everything above






The Hell Realms

The Conjured Land

The Enchanted Domain

The Second Dominion

The Mythic Valley






The Boiling Reach

The Desolate Country

The Dragon Reach

The Specter Country

The Ember Yonder






The Past Region

The Black Sanctum

The Cloud Sea

The Fantasy Domain

The Destiny Earth






The Fantasy Expanse

The Merciless Sea

The Sanguine Isles

The Delusion World

The Transient Nation






The Ebon Province

The Howling Lake

The Shadow Realms

The Twin Reach

The Amber Sea






The Hallowed Forest

The Twilight Sanctum

The Fierce Moon

The Echo World…

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The yafek

Yafeks are the people on the Yafek Deskord.

  • 1 types of yafeks
    • 1.1 weak yafeks
    • 1.2 crolizojikidesrokiyujtiolep
    • 1.3 ygygygygygygissofrickius
    • 1.4 bottleīī
    • 1.5 rederederedereeererddtdchvsf
    • 1.6 jeffius
    • 1.7 Middleline yafeks
    • 1.8 jeffy
    • 1.9 z🎱🎱🟩ee
    • 1.10 rrttyeiri
    • 1.11 ᗰhfurg46______
    • 1.12 STRONG YAFEKS
    • 1.13 thejeffyafeksizeafewiki
    • 1.14 clyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyz
    • 1.15 gööööööööööz
    • 1.16 `7&3Ελληνικα^^^^^^•&{&{
  • 2 the poopole
    • 2.1 short scale
  • 3 History Of Yafeks
    • 3.1 -ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ Ω ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ Years Before The Nothingness, Everythingness, Realmness, And Omnipotence.
    • 3.2 -0% Of Existence
    • 3.3 ডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডড + ডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডড + ডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডডড + ডডডডডড Less Things Than Everything
    • 3.4 🏒🏒🏹⛷🎖🧗‍♂️🎖🧗‍♂️🏹⛷🏹🛷🏂🏌️‍♂…

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Bocaj0110 Bocaj0110 13 March


  • 1 Contents
  • 2 Class 1 (Small)
  • 3 Class 2 (Medium Sized)
  • 4 Class 3 (Big)
  • 5 Class 4 (Huge)
  • 6 Class 5 (Gigantic)
  • 7 Class 6 (Enormous)
  • 8 Class 7 (Insane)
  • 9 Class 8 (Massive)
  • 10 Class 9 (Unimaginable)
  • 11 Class 10 (Beyond Unimaginable)
  • 12 Class 11 (Indescribable)
  • 13 Class 12 (Absolute)
  • 14 Class 13 (Ultimate)
  • 15 Class 14 (Beyond Ultimate???)
  • 16 Class 15 (Beyond Size)
  • 17 Class 16 (Beyond Dimensions)
  • 18 Class 17 (Beyond True Infinity)
  • 19 Class 18 (Beyond Everything)
  • 20 Class 19 (Unreachable)
  • 21 Class 20 (The End)
  • 22 Class 21 (Not the end??)
  • 23 Class 22 (TRUE END(?))
  • 24 Class 23 (Rainbow verses)
  • 25 Class 24 (Beyond "Beyond")
  • 26 See also

  • 1 Class 1 (Small)
  • 2 Class 2 (Medium Sized)
  • 3 Class 3 (Big)
  • 4 Class 4 (Huge)
  • 5 Class 5 (Gigantic)
  • 6 Class 6 (Enormous)
  • 7 Class 7 (Insane)
  • 8 Class 8 (Massive)
  • 9 Class 9 (Unimagin…

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Adam, The Non-One Adam, The Non-One 12 March

Absolute Infinity or The Unbeginningplex

Absolute Infinity, i.e. The Unbeginningplex is the Allverse of total ambiguities within the confines of a count-as-one (determinateness-as-a-full instance of Being) or total ambiguity that was first counted as a direction in an emergent Thaticle of 0-Reality. Thatness as its own ontological entity consists in an innumerable amount of infinite categorification, since any element as so expressed under its guise is itself, a thatness to which can be infinitely addressed under an angle or direction as stated above and is therefore one of the first properties Adam, a hyperhumanoid Allividual proposed arbitrarily. In Adam's home, hypergoogologists with interests in the philosophical, cybernetic, and neurophysiological domain from all across the War…

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Lolrightythechief Lolrightythechief 12 March

The jack o dimension

This dimension is somehow outside of everything even out of the looptima-543 thing. This dimension has its own laws and nature due to jack o fin who made it. This dimension also has a insane power force barrier that’s actually all over in and out of the Jack o dimension. The Size of this Dimension is basically the same size as all Existing or non existing or hidden or not made Hierarchies ever combined. If your ever wondering well this would be connected to everything basically because of jack o fin changing his dimension abit. The only characters or beings who can enter this place are: Lolrighty but hardly can survive there, jack o fin because he created it like it’s nothing, and his sans AUs creations can also enter it. Besides them are…

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131073c 131073c 5 March

List of biggest verses

Ok i know this page is horrible but still

1: Crustacianverse: yes

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131073c 131073c 3 March

Lifting simulator extension

The unofficial extension to lifting simulator (a roblox game)

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Idontcare568 Idontcare568 2 March


Gfe is a Muiltverse that is the farset away from largest megaverse but sillt connted to it.

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Googleaarex Googleaarex 26 February


Infinifold is a region of a Box and Hyper-Space, which binds Boxial Core layers at the direction of a new looped dimension. Significantly, Infinifold's composition goes in the order of size. When one move through a Boxial Core, it moves upwards in the Infinifold; allowing for traversing throughout Infinityverses safely. However, this is dangerous as one could split when traversing through a core.

Infinifolds are hidden throughout an existence rank other than the Box's ranks, and could only be accessible by superexisting and beyond. These are extremely rare, as it uses infinite looped dimensions from Infinityverses. To access, you have to use Logicium to become meta-disordered onto a dimension. One is cautioned that it should be suddenly reor…

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Googleaarex Googleaarex 25 February

Nexus Cube

Nexus Cube is a infrastructure of Imaginary Cubes, which is a transportation subway to differing Universes. However, it requires some modifications to Imaginarium Wires in order to build a proper one of transportation. The methods of obtaining this feat is unknown, although one is known that it requires Imaginary Spheres. (like one spiraling towards the path, and a mixing method for metaversal Imaginary Energy within hands)

Nexus Cubes are used to transport through verses within a Multiverse and The Outside. Although, it requires different methods to visit a Universe from the Archverse you are transporting to. Building Nexus Cubes in a Primordial Imaginary Cube is unimaginable, as it requires ultraversal technologies and studying the Infinifold. …

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AthebestAbest AthebestAbest 24 February


lepton more like LIPTON

leptons are quarks

parteclis in the leptcon are bruhpaint parteclis, and ting. it also contents pkeriodkokokokok..............................................., which also and also the lipton contents primerduuuuuuuu pratcleisie, and a fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzo. liptons are known for having gazillion astell urqeak frieberzzzzzzzzzzzzz. they only contain 1234567890 aplha primdum.

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Hgxfhdgfhgfhgy Hgxfhdgfhgfhgy 23 February

Teylomonomega Pinnacle of Verse Inplase

Teylomonomega Pinnacle of Verse Inplase

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Hgxfhdgfhgfhgy Hgxfhdgfhgfhgy 23 February


Vigssfdgfdverse is universe

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Mylar Dale Tolo - MDTTV Mylar Dale Tolo - MDTTV 23 February

Scorpio-Libra Universal Supercluster Complex

The Scorpio–Libra Universal Supercluster Complex is a universal filament. It includes the Fernando-Powell Universal Supercluster which contains the Aquarius Supercluster lobe which in turn contains the Local Universal Group, the galaxy cluster that includes the Observable Universe. This filament is adjacent to the Michael–Alexandra Universe Filament.

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Mylar Dale Tolo - MDTTV Mylar Dale Tolo - MDTTV 23 February

Aquarius Universal Supercluster

The Aquarius Universal Supercluster (Aquarius U-SC) or the Local Universal Supercluster (LUSC or LUS) is a mass concentration of universes containing the Hytus Cluster and Local Universal Group, which in turn contains the Observable Universe and RT-304 universe. At least 40 galaxy groups and clusters are located within its diameter of [TBA]. The Aquarius U-SC is one of about 100 thousand universal superclusters in the Multiverse and is in the Scorpio–Libra Universal Supercluster Complex, a universal filament. (It is inspired by Virgo Supercluster in Wikipedia)

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Stormy08 Stormy08 23 February

T H E H Y P E R .

"𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐚 𝐞𝐧𝐝, 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞?"

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Bocaj0110 Bocaj0110 22 February


-44 septillion ly

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Toseroi1 Toseroi1 22 February



Containsboxcontainedbybox is a weird entity that lives in the box, but he has a box inside the box, he is weirder than weirdest, because yes.

Well, sometimes he contains it, so the data exploded out of existence, in all the box, there is something left, but it’s empty, the thing left after he contains it is a Box, some say it is impossible to know if it’s actually a box, or just a square the same size as a box, but it’s actually a box!

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Legendmaster55 Legendmaster55 22 February

Electrical Energy Comparison

  • Yoctowatt = 1e-24 Watts
  • Zeptowatt = 1e-21 Watts
  • Attowatt = 1e-18 Watts
  • Femtowatt = 1e-15 Watts
  • Picowatt = 1e-12 Watts
  • Nanowatt = 1e-9 Watts
  • Microwatt = 1e-6 Watts
  • Milliwatt = 1e-3 Watts
  • Watt = 1 Watt
  • Kilowatt = 1000 Watts
  • Megawatt = 1000 Kilowatts
  • Gigawatt = 1000 Megawatt
  • Terawatt = 1000 Gigawatts
  • Petawatt = 1000 Terawatts
  • Exawatt = 1000 Petawatts
  • Zettawatt = 1000 Exawatts
  • Yottawatt = 1000 Zettawatts

  • Xonawatt = 1000 Yottawatts
  • Wekawatt = 1000 Xonawatts
  • Vunkawatt = 1000 Wekawatts
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Barnard's Megaverse

Barnard's Megaverse is the smallest registered megaverse of all. It only contains approx. 700 multiverses, when its size could make it contain more.

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Legendmaster55 Legendmaster55 21 February

Ton 618

Ton 618 is the largest black hole ever discovered, it is even bigger than the Triangulum Galaxy which is estimated to be 50 Billion Solar Masses, While Ton 618 is estimated to be 66 Billion Solar Masses. NGC 4889 is the second-largest black hole there is it is estimated to be 21 Billion Solar Masses.

Ton 618 is 10.8 Billion Years old, and fun fact black holes can stay in the universe for Quintillions of years with left nothing behind. Ton 618 is not only a supermassive Black hole but an Ultramassive black hole. This black hole can eat the Solar System in less than a second.

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Botrus Mundi Thingverse

The Botrus Mundi Thingverse (or Local Thingverse) is a group of 26 averaverses.

  1. Defaultverse
  2. Eneaverse
  3. Windowsverse
  4. Teardropverse
  5. Sipolalaverse
  6. Fireyverse
  7. Lollipopverse
  8. BFDIverse
  9. Aglaverse
  10. Cyberpunkverse
  11. Falloutverse
  12. Inigaverse
  13. Daniverse
  14. Dankverse
  15. Redditverse
  16. AGKverse
  17. Ohshiitakemushroomsverse
  18. Norwayverse
  19. Minecraftverse
  20. Robloxverse
  21. Fallguysverse
  22. Amongusverse
  23. PUBGverse
  24. Fortniteverse
  25. Bitcoinverse
  26. Ethereumverse
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Local Universal Group

The Local Universal Group (pun on Local Galactic Group) is a local cluster that contains approx. 50 universes.

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GIG-928 is known for 3 things: having the smallest megaverse, having the biggest megaverse, and being the biggest gigaverse ever. It has 4000 megaverses.

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1x1x1x1ibk 1x1x1x1ibk 14 February

Reality -1

This reality know as "Reality -1" it's in the box but near the center it does not live near by anything, but it always get attacked from other universes, aliens, wars.

But their always not a trouple their used be another peaceful land that have it all it a island in the center of the world wait it just a island in a ZERO-GRAVITY bubble yea this remind me of fortnite but different reality -1 was changed a lot...

Start of reality -1

Like all realites/universe/dimensions/realms the big bang but this big bang was different it was more powerful and the first thing came out was the island but it was not the same a unknow race was watching it for years... their was 9 phases: Born, Rebirth, Grassy, Desersnograss (desert and grass and snow), peace. …

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VoidedPerson1 VoidedPerson1 14 February

The Infinite Realm

I could not make the entire page back, so ill have to make it later

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JekShakYT JekShakYT 11 February


JekShakYT, or “jek-schak-way-tee”, is a class -1 entity that warps reality in fights. It can go from class -2 to UNKNOWN CLASS. It makes entities say Wikiverse infinity times per no.


Once, he was a entity in Downtown Fricksville, but he had a weird ability to become smaller classes, making him the strongest entity in all of the city. Even unmeasurable to Zalof.


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You don’t exist!


The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.
    • 1.1 Qqqqqqq
  • 2 Table for Gummybearverse
  • 3 MAN VS MAN
    • 3.1 ======== gdkdgh =======



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