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The Blue Ring is what it sounds like: a blue ring of gargantuan proportions. It's the first one of a lot of rings of different colours. If anybody tells you that there's a Red Ring, bigger than the Blue Rings, they're lying. There is no Red Ring. Don't believe them. The same goes for the people who believe that the Blue Ring is a triangle.

It is rumoured that the Blue Ring has the taste of blueberries and the smell of blue crayons, but this is unconfirmed. It does not, like the Red Ring Cult would like you to believe, taste of cherries or smell of red pen ink.

Residing in the centre of the Blue Ring is the Guardian of the Blue Ring. Its job is to defend the Blue Ring and destroy the Red Ring Cult. All attempts to destroy the Guardian by the Red Ring Cult have been unsuccessful, and have resulted in countless deaths. Especially terrible was their 17th attempt, which nearly wiped out the entirety of their organization. They have since returned, terrorizing the Blue Ring Fellowship.

Of course, the Blue Ring is truly nothing but another layer to this seemingly endless wiki. Will it stop? Will it end? No one truly knows. But until we do find that answer, the least we can do is the time out of our day to admire this beautiful Blue Ring.

Note: Any attempts to eat the Blue Ring for their lunch will certainly be met with immediate obliteration. I'm looking at you, Tommy.

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