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The Bluenoseverse is the next noseverse in the series. It is filled with water, and the Greennoseverse is in the center of it. There are some Bignoseverses that float between the crust and the core, but other than that, it is just water.


This verse is almost invisible, so for a long time, people thought that the Greennoseverse was just contained by the Purplenoseverse and that was the chain.

However, when someone actually tried to escape the Greennoseverse, it turned out that it had water.

Since then, the Bluenoseverse became less stable because the water wasn't perfectly still anymore. This almost caused the Bluenoseverse to fall apart.

But it did not fall apart because the guardian of the Greennoseverse made a clone of himself and fixed it. It was dramatic and climatic by the way. Since then, no one has touched the Bluenoseverse, and it is illegal anyway. There is now a teleportation system that teleports you through if you wish to leave the Bluenoseverse.

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