Blueprint particles are the ultimate building blocks. They construct existence states, energy, matter, light, sound, mind, and more. The only thing more basic is , a particle so indescribably basic that it has absolutely no properties.

What did was it transformed into the blueprint particles.

We can't see something as small as a Blueprint Particle even with the best technology. Even if we could, light waves at the Blueprint Particle's scale don't exist, as Blueprint Particles compose light, thus it is invisible.

If something isn't composed of Blueprint Particles (such as ), then they're nothing or somehow sub-nothing.

If you try to split a Blueprint Particle, it'll put itself back together.

Since they are the ultimate building blocks, you can re-arrange them into entirely different things. If you have for example some Primordium Alpha, and you want to turn it into Primordium Delta, you can decompose it into Chaos Fabric then look at the Blueprint Particles, then re-arrange the Blueprint Particles into the Chaos Fabrics that compose Primordium Delta.

Another example is, if you have a whole ton of Dentists and you wanna compose them into a Heck, you can look at the Blueprint Particles of the Dentists, then re-arrange them into the arrangement of Blueprint Particles in a Heck, then you have a Heck. Anything at most the size of Chaos Fabric is most likely composed purely of Blueprint Particles.

Holding Them Together

They, unlike Primordium Delta, Primordium Alpha, or any Primordium Particle, don't need anything to hold them together. They pack themselves together and are arranged to form different things, while with Primordial Particles on the other hand, need Primordial String to be held together.

This can't be force, since Blueprint Particles already compose force. They somehow just do this.

Relation with The Core of Everything

These particles have a relation with The Core of Everything, as TCoE projects the Blueprint Particles into the Everything based on the information inside TCoE.


There are many different kinds of Blueprint Particles that compose different things.


Wave Blueprint Particles are Blueprint Particles that compose waves like light, sound, and more.


Existence Blueprint Particles are Blueprint Particles that compose existence states. They're spread across webs of Blueprint Particles and there are 2 kinds.


An Existence-1 Blueprint Particle is an Existence Blueprint Particle that adds a fraction of 1 to the object's existence state. The more red it is, the more it adds and the more black it is, the less it adds.


An Existence-0 Blueprint Particle is an Existence Blueprint Particle that subtracts a fraction of 1 from the object's existence state. The more blue it is, the more it subtracts and the more white it is, the less it subtracts.


Property Blueprint Particles basically program the properties of a structure of Blueprint Particles through a complex way. Property Blueprint Particles take up most of the structure of a construction of Blueprint Particles.


Force Blueprint Particles are injected into constructs of Blueprint Particles to make the constructs move, and die out unless Force Blueprint Particles are constantly being injected to continue the force.

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