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The bocks chain is a chain of boxes. There is not alot of info I could put into each box so I made a chain page sort of like V e r s e s. All boxes in the table contain the one before it.

name size in froot trees a unique feature if any dimensionality
Q box 3,417,389 if you say Q in this box then a small 16x16x16 inch cube will fall from the sky and fall 3 meters infront of you. Beyond
E box 7,949,977 if you play fortnite, (only if you're under 15) your life expectancy drops by 15 years. However, if you're 15-63, yours will drop to 63. But that's only in some areas. Beyond
epic box. 11 million you get stronger after saying epic in this verse. Beyond
just a generic large box. 150 million none. just a large box. Beyond
amazon box 325 million has a big amazon logo on it. Beyond
nintendo box 750 million the nintendo box is owned by nintendo. has a huge nintendo 64 inside of it. Beyond
donut box 150 billion all planets,moons,stars,asteroids,etc are donuts. Beyond
cake box 325 billion all objects are secretly cake in this verse. Beyond
dead meme box 550 billion only outside of this box can you be safe from a dead meme. Beyond
karen box 350 trillion only outside of this box can you be safe from the karens. Beyond
spherical box 400 trillion not even a box. Beyond
obama box Cantor's Absolute Infinity OBAMIUM Beyond
hyperbox indescribable. epic funny tesseract Beyond + 1?