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The Bounceverse is a verse which is very elastic, allowing it to "bounce off" of other objects/verses.

General Description

The Bounceverse appears to be a large, spherical, and slightly transparent verse. The Bounceverse's barrier is very elastic, which makes it hard to destroy.

When the Bounceverse hits a verse, it and the verse it hit will take very little damage with the Bounceverse and that verse flying in opposite directions at very high speeds. This has made the Bounceverse dangerous, as the thing it hit could easily smash into another object due to its speed, severely damaging it.

The Bounceverse travels at over ~10,000,000,000 LY per second. Its path is relatively deterministic.

The Bounceverse's inside is relatively chaotic, as when it hits another thing the Bounceverse bounces back with a lot of force, causing its insides to move everywhere. Because of this, the Bounceverse's inside is extremely messy, and no life lives there.

The Bounceverse is very heavy and is very dense. However, it can can be easily moved. It is very hard to latch onto it, as its barrier is very strong and elastic.

How the Bounceverse got its property

The Bounceverse got its property from a Coververse which covered the Bounceverse and absorbed it. The Coververse, strangely enough, had a elastic barrier. The Coververse soon hit a verse while the verse it had covered wasn't fully absorbed, making that verse break free of the Coververse and splitting the Coververse in half. The verse which broke free also developed an elastic barrier similar to the Coververse, and became the Bounceverse.