the boxbox is a system of boxes larger than the Bocks chain.

he is ruled by a cosmic entity by the name of gurt


how it works

the boxbox chain is simple.

B is the number of boxes in the boxbox chain

each boxbox is B times the size of the last box and +1 the dimensionality of the last box

and B is a very big number that cant even be written

each boxbox contains the previous boxbox in the chain

boxboxes have a simple naming system:

the smallest boxbox has a ID of 1, so it is named Boxbox-1

for every containing boxbox, it is 1 + the previous boxbox name

Boxbox3 contains boxbox2 which contains boxbox1.

that was an example.

notable boxboxes

  1. Boxbox-11428 is a boxbox that constantly changes color. it is the only boxbox that does something like this
  2. Boxbox-782613817217823612873687129638728786626838721999000011113 is a boxbox that has contents that spin around causing Boxbox-782613817217823612873687129638728786626838721999000011113 to spin.
  3. Boxbox-441 was deleted by the developers and replaced with Boxbox-441-2.
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