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The Boxbox is the ultimate container for every type of box possible and impossible smaller than the Boxbox.

In the middle is , which is essential for keeping the entire Boxbox stable. Without it, the Boxbox would just fall apart.

〄, because of its poles and gravity, can keep the Boxbox stable. If the Boxbox did not have 〄, it wouldn't exist since none of it would stay together.

〄 is located at the very middle of this box, and since it contains the Verybox, the collection of boxes in the Boxbox is still complete.


With these boxes, the smallest boxes are organized neatly on the outside and they keep getting bigger until the biggest boxes are on the inside.

The smallest types of boxes are The Bockses, and they are located at the very edge of the Boxbox.

Just closer to the 〄 than that, there are THE BOXes, since they are the second smallest type of box.

The Box is somewhere in the middle of this complex, being an average sized box. It is where the gravity of 〄 really starts.

And finally, at the very middle, there are the largest types of boxes that are still smaller than the Boxbox. The Absoboxes and Almost-a-boxes. They are so close to 〄 it looks like they are touching it to the naked eye.

The Verybox is located inside 〄, so the collection of boxes in the Boxbox is complete.


Since the Boxbox is much bigger than every other box, from the outside it just looks like a plain void. Using a device that makes boxes look bigger, it looks like what is seen in the image. Many red string like structures.

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