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The Boxboxplex is a container of many, many different Boxboxes. They form a roof-like structure, but the structure isn't generated due to gravity or force, it is the structure the Boxboxplex happened to form into.

Every Boxbox contains every single type of box from smallest to largest, so there are many complexes of boxes in this structure.

Most of the Boxboxes tend to group together in clumps, which is why the orange dots look a lot bigger than normal Boxboxes. The clumps do not affect the behaviour of the Boxboxes.

Tier One The Wall of the Black Void The Green Void Greennoseverse Bluenoseverse Purplenoseverse Yellownoseverse Orangenoseverse
Tier Two in Silico Silico The Orb Uncannyverse Dêaśaverse Bauverse 003
Tier Three Absobox Almost-a-box Verybox Boxbox Boxboxplex The Charm