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The Brackverse is a verse that is a strange structure. There is a mega-massive black hole in the centre which disables space-time in this verse.

The Black Hole

This black hole, officially named Brack, can disable space-time, making this verse very dangerous to go into. It has a mass of suns and has a staggering diameter of light years. It was created when a small part of The Ultimate fell off and got crushed by the huge force this verse has all the way down to the schwarzchild radius and it became a mega-massive black hole. This black hole was so massive that its pull created a whole new verse inside Final Void. This is at the same level as Final. After this event, The Ultimate ended up being smaller than both Final and Final Void due to this event.

Celestial Bodies

There are a couple celestial bodies in this verse, however, most of them are orbiting at hypersonic speeds due to the black hole. The ones that don't are either very far away from the black hole's pull, or they are extremely dense.

The largest galaxy in this verse was named BRACK 5113, and it is a total of 54,000,000 light years.

BRACK 5113

The largest star was named BRACK 3479-457, which is 3 billion kilometers in diameter.

The largest planet is coincidentally orbiting the largest star, and it is called BRACK 3479-457b and it is 400,000 kilometers in diameter.

BRACK 2379-457

Gas Giants

The only types of planets in this verse are gas giants. This is because terrestrial planets are sucked into the black hole because they aren't dense enough, and they are also too heavy. Therefore, life is not possible in this verse since the gas giants are spinning around too fast and they don't have land. These planets are usually about 50,000 kilometers in diameter on average.

Gas giants normally have a core that is solid. This is because of all the pressure to the planets so the gas gets frozen solid. Between the core and the crust, there is normally liquid. This is because the gas gets some pressure but not as much pressure.


There are three major voids in this verse that never get filled with celestial bodies even though the black hole is there. This is because the black hole, since it is so dense and massive, has some "blind spots" where instead of attracting, it repels. Scientists are not quite sure why this happens, but it could be because of the parts in The Ultimate having non-existent things. The largest one is wide every dimension.

These voids are physically and impossible to walk into due to the repulsiveness of the black hole. However, if you go into a separate dimension that this verse does not have, you can actually theoretically make it inside. However, when you go to a dimension that this verse has while you are inside, you will certainly be pushed back out.

Star Types

There are three types of stars in this verse.

Quasi Stars

This verse, since it is relatively new, is still in the quasi-star phase. However, these stars are actually much smaller than the normal quasi-stars in other verses. They are black hole stars that only exist in the outer regions so it isn't being pulled by the black hole.

Blue Supergiants

The only giant stars in this verse are blue because the heat in them allows them to not solidify when being pulled by the black hole. These are always larger than the previous one that existed because a smaller one would be immediately absorbed by a larger one.

White Stars

There types of stars are simply white and are very, very hot. They can come in gas or occasionally hot liquids. These are super dense, so they do not get sucked in by Brack.