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The Briozhachiaverse is a large verse containing the Mayarollies at its core.

It is very hot, which gives it the yellow look on the exterior. Many objects cannot stay solid in this verse, because they heat up and become gas, so most of this verse is full of gas.

There is an invisible barrier that blocks out the heat from getting to Mayarollies, which isn't a verse, but it protects everything inside from overheating.



The invisible barrier is made of the repulsion of Mayarollies, since Mayarollies has a "bond" between reality and nonreality, creating a barrier for gas. It is possible to go through as a solid or liquid, but not a gas or plasma.

The Extreme Part

This part, since it is closer to the inside, has more heat to it, making almost nothing solid in that zone. Even black holes heat up.

Chill Zone

While this section is still very hot, it isn't as hot. This means there are some solid celestial bodies made out of unusual materials, but they usually don't move. Strangely, there are some The Existences hidden inside some of the objects.


The surface is solid, but it is completely tight of temperature, which is why the Briozhachiaverse is so hot. It is very thin, but it is invisible.