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A Britverse is a verse that is under British colonial rule. The Britverse is a dangerous verse, with no civilization returning from the Britverse, speculated to be enslaved by the king of the Britverse The Britverse will change any Universe to a Britverse if they are nearby, sometimes creating Multibritverses. A Britverse will only experience a big freeze, due to large size of the Britverse. The date of the first Britverse found today is 1647. The Britverse people, or the Brits, dislike the Frenchverses and Ireverses the most.

How do I get to a Britverse?

You'll be immediately transported to a Britverse if you play "God Save the Queen" 1215 times, drinking one cup of tea for each time you play the song. This is, currently, the only way to access a Britverse.

Why should I go to a Britverse?

There is no true reason why any civilization should go to Britverse. You should only go to a Britverse if you dislike America, France, and Ireland, or if you have a insanely heavy British accent, as you will be seen as a Brit, and will not be harmed or enslaved.