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The Broccoliverse is a special verse filled with broccoli. Regularly, creatures who swear are brought here to eat broccoli for the rest of their lives.


The Broccoliverse is a gigantic piece of broccoli, with many holes it which grow smaller broccoli for creatures to eat.


The Broccoliverse has many wide arrays of cells, each one for one swearer sent to the verse. These cells are very cramped, with a special chute which dispenses broccoli once every 1 hour for the creatures inside to eat. There are also security cameras to make sure that the creatures eat the broccoli and do not escape their cells.

Solitary Confinement

There is a special area in the Broccoliverse for extremely evil people who constantly curse, refuse to eat broccoli, or attack other prisoners/Broccoli Servers. While you are in Solitary Confinement, you will be force-fed rotten, moldy broccoli via a powerful machine. Attempting to get out of Solitary Confinement or even talking in it will result in you being hit with broccoli fired at high speeds from a special Broccoli gun; this usually results in servere injuries and even death.

Broccoli Gun

The Broccoli Gun is a special weapon utilized by the Broccoli Servers. The Broccoli Gun is pretty much a high-speed, compact railgun made out of broccoli and a few other substances/materials. The Broccoli Gun can only fire broccoli. This weapon is notorious for being incredibly dangerous, as one shot can kill a creature almost instantly.

The Broccoli Servers

The Broccoli Servers are special creatures who grow the broccoli inside the Broccoliverse. They also run the systems used to bring broccoli inside the cells. Broccoli Servers will also defend the Broccoliverse if it is attacked.

Rules of the Broccoliverse

The Broccoliverse has a few extremely important rules. These rules, if broken, will get you extreme punishment, such as eating moldy, rotten broccoli 24/7, getting yourself turned into a piece of broccoli to be eaten by The Broccoli Servers, or getting sent to Solitary Confinement.

Here are the rules:

  • No swearing in the Broccoliverse, not even light swears such as hell, heck, frick, or glavk (a word in T'gfaphi, a language spoken by creatures in The Far). Stronger swears will get you punished even harder.
  • No killing any creature in the Broccoliverse.
  • No trying to damage or escape the Broccoliverse.
  • No refusing to eat the broccoli.

Incidents that have happened in the Broccoliverse

  • An entity that referred to itself as "The Broccoli Hater" entered the Broccoliverse because they said "Y*fek" 16 times in The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi's territory. The Broccoli Hater was punished and fed large amounts of broccoli. The Broccoli Hater expressed its hatred for the Broccoliverse and the Broccoli Servers by throwing broccoli at the Servers. This resulted in the death of 2 Servers and the injury of many others. The Broccoli Hater was then sent to Solitary Confinement. While in Solitary Confinement, The Broccoli Hater kept consistently cursing. This resulted in them being fired upon via the Broccoli Gun, and they died soon after.
  • A Broccoli Server (who will be called Vegh from now) known for abusing their Broccoli Gun was punished for saying a swear word. Vegh was put into Solitary Confinement, but for some reason, the other Servers forgot to take away Vegh's Broccoli Gun. Once Vegh was in Solitary Confinement, they started firing their Broccoli Gun, puncturing many holes in the force-feeding machine. effectively breaking it. Vegh soon escaped and fired at the wall of the Broccoliverse, frantically trying to escape. They were stopped by a group of Broccoli Servers and sent to the Teylomonomegaverse.
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