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The Brown Ring is a large ring-shaped object that comes after the Pink Ring in the Ring chain.

The Brown Ring is mostly used as an accelerator for transportation, as the immense forces that guide the ring create winds that speed up oncoming ships to inaccessible speeds.

The center has a perpetual vortex, who's speed is currently unknown.

The Brown Ring is the point where dimensions start to grow exponentially.

By definition, the speed that the ships are sped up is directly proportional to the fastest it possibly can go. The factors that go into this are: dimensionality, the laws that guide the ship and the verse it was made in.

The speed achieved will always be too fast to reach in any other manner, but things like wind resistance and drag can quickly slow the ship down.

Surface terraforming is impossible, due to the aforementioned forces, but the inside is completely solid and contains organisms.

This ring was formed accidentally, when two verses with extremely specific laws collided, causing a chain reaction to rapidly form a giant ring in the form of two brown worms eating everything in front of them. They flew for exactly 1 OYC year and molded and merged together to create the Brown Ring.

The dual Ouroboros-esque collision was practically silent and caused no casualties, contrary to how extremely large and monumental it was. The collision happened in the span of 5 seconds, after that, the Brown Ring was born.

The Brown Ring Administration artificially created the Guardian of the Brown Ring, as it did not already exist like the Guardians in the others rings. The Administration heavily guards the Guardian, and very little is known about it.

Note: Do not attempt to stop the Brown Ring's acceleration properties by literally throwing a monkey wrench in the works. It will transform into a hammer.

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