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The Canadiaverse is a universe under total Canadian rule. The Canadiaverse is one of the safest among the countryverses, and is easy to access. The Canadiaverse is known for Mapleplanets, planets designed of maple syrup, alongside the word "sorry" being said more than "hello." The people of the Canadiaverse are called Canadians. Canadians like every countryverse, but mostly like countryverses from the Commonwealthverse, including the Britverse, and also like the Ameriverse.

How do I get to the Canadiaverse?

Every civilization has quick access to a Canadiaverse. However, you will be protected by a Canadiaverse government if you are Canadian. They will also protect a random entity daily, if they had apologized on that day.

Why should go to a Canadiaverse?

You should go to a Canadiaverse if you do not dislike anyone, and if you are a peaceful or careful person. You should also go if you are loyal to Canada, or if you like maple syrup.