Each one of these pages is a Class Terminator, aka the last verse of a Class. They contain any “isolated” verse of their class.

They are listed in the order below from smallest class to biggest class:

Pre-Class: Universe

Class 1: The Box

Class 2: The Last Void

Class 3: Peraomniversal Complex

Class 4: The Existence

Class 5: Obice Novissimo

Class 6: The Drum

Class 7: The Never-Ending Void of Darkness

Class 8: Obama-Metaverse

Class 9: Omega Spiral

Class 10: Name Not Found

Class 11: Blancc

Class 12: Ömë-Töpö Mök

Class 13: Finalqwazlokipakmikeverse

Class 14:

Class 15:

Class 16:

Class 17:

Class 18:

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