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Dessert points are a rating system from Oofandfoo whenever you follow their 'suggestions' (usually questions or orders) and come in varying arbitrary quantities. They can be traded and used for fictional transactions OOC

The lowest point is the Brownie point, it is based upon nothing and are usually given in the 100's for making pages. 1 brownie point would be nearly worthless

The next type of dessert point is the Cookie point, it is worth exactly 1k brownie points and is usually awarded for doing any sort of very hard-to-make image or small coding project involving the wiki. Raw cookie points are otherwise rarely given.

Following cookies is donuts in the form of Donut Points. It is extremely time-consuming to get Donut points, however they aren't the last point type. Getting 100 cookie points awards a Donut point, and they are never given out directly, only gotten from Cookie points

In the grand finale are Cake Points, grand chonkers of arbitrary quantities which symbolize great detication to Oof and the Wiki as a whole. Having even one grants the title Oofling. 10 Gets you the title Chore Lover. No more titles. Don't overwork yourself. Worth 100 Donut Points.

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