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Ccxpf is a mostly unknown verse that consists multiple extremely strange creatures only known as Ccxpfjj, one strange galaxy, and many more anomalous objects.

Ccxpf has also been frequently called the "weirdest isolated verse ever (excluding Nvgngyu)."

Ccxpf also is somehow extremely similar to Nvgngyu.


Ccxpf has a mostly unknown structure, but many pictures and even video recordings of Ccxpf show that it has at least 150 separate perfectly spherical containers with unknown things inside packed in a way that resembles basic sphere packing.

Further analysis of the pictures determined that there were huge creatures guarding many of the spheres. These creatures have been given the name of 'Ccxpfjj', named after Ccxpf itself.

Also, one lone galaxy with exactly 5 solar systems was found in between some of the huge spheres. This galaxy is extremely unusual, and will most likely be studied in the future.

The Galaxy

The only galaxy in Ccxpf is very strange. It has exactly 5 solar systems, each containing 1 star and 4 planets. None of these planets have any life, and all are terrestrial.

Also, the solar systems inside the galaxy are quite spread out from each other (at most 182,000 LY away), making this galaxy extremely loose and making contact with other stars and planets very hard.

The stars in this galaxy are also strange. They don't resemble any type of star found in the First Realm, and even Second Realm objects don't look even remotely like the stars here.

That has led many creatures to believe that the stars and maybe even the entire galaxy originated from the extremely unknown and mysterious Third Realm, although no one can be sure due to no galaxies being spotted in the Third Realm at all.


There are exactly 5 of these strange creatures in Ccxpf. Almost all of these creatures resemble elliptical lights of some sort, and can move almost instantaneously through Ccxpf. All Ccxpfjj have been seen to be extremely powerful, and some have acted hostile towards outsiders entering Ccxpf.


Ddggf was the first Ccxpfjj to be found by explorers. Ddggf, when discovered, immediately disappeared and was never to be seen again. All attempts to track Ddggf have failed, and it is unknown where it is right now.


Eeffxx is one of the most hostile Ccxpfjj, having attacked over 168 explorers and even gods trying to enter the huge sphere complex inside of Ccxpf. Eeffxx seems to be invincible, and all attempts to destroy it have failed and just made the Ccxpfjj even more hostile.


Pppghd is one of the most elusive and unknown Ccxpfjj. It has only been seen 2 times in the lone galaxy stuck between the sphere complex, and has never contacted outside life or ever interacted with them either. Pppghd is also the only Ccxpfjj to not appear to be an elliptical light, and instead resembles a mini-version of the sphere complex.


Zggbbq is one of the least elusive Ccxpfjj and lots of information is known about it. It is known that it protects the sphere complex from outside life, and also that it is the most powerful Ccxpfjj out of them all. Zggbbq has not acted hostile towards outside life, and has interacted with outsiders before.


Vvpuod is the weakest Ccxpfjj, being the least important one as well. It has only been spotted a few times in the lone galaxy between the sphere complex, and has always hid from outside life and even other Ccxpfjj, making getting a picture and interacting with Vvpuod extremely hard.