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The Cell of Greatness is a large verse which is part of a Plant of Greatness, a larger verse-organism. It is rather small compared to (?), while being larger, the size gap is rather low and it has been noted due to a key element in the cell mentioned later on.

Due to its similarity to a basic plant cell, sections will be mentioned individually.


The nucleus is used in many features of a plant cell, and of course this one too. It is actually a (?), as the genetic information lies in the various Unnamedverses within the (?)'s boundaries.


The nucleus gives various tasks to the proteins within the cell, allowing it to live. They transfer energy around from the mitochondria and other places, as well as keeping bad things at bay, such as the Death Dust on the Plantet of Greatness. Aside from these small factors, the proteins don't do much under the Nucleus.

Cell Division

The nucleus is responsible for cell division, as it will order proteins to turn energy into matter in order to split into more cells. Same as regular plant cells, really. Stretch cells, divide nucleus, divide cell. It's a bit more complex then that though, but the basic premise is the same.


These little speedsters of the cell take orders from the Nucleus through an unknown method, though possibly each (?)'s AI has something to do with it. Aside from small theories, the proteins are ridiculously numerous, being the size of a universe, and speedy enough to move from cell edge to cell edge in a matter of seconds to carry out its tasks.


The Mitochondria doesn't have much going on in terms of biology, it makes energy that goes across the cell, has unique proteins, etc. The most interesting part is that the nucleoid of the Mitochondria is actually a watered-down version of (?) and all verses before it. The mini-(?) directly contains the Unnamed Hierarchy, which has less layers, and etc. for the rest of The Official Hierarchy before this point.