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Escaping from the Box, you may expect that you landed in a void... Actually, you are in another verse made with that.

The Cetaverse is the first metaboxial Archverse layer, consisting with infinite Boxes and Broxes, because the dimensionalities of those are also infinite.

This verse is unstable, as it contains the river streams as Le Jorino Areas, containing with objects with existence states outside the Boxial range, which is the range of 0 to 1. There is a really heavy force which pushes objects with "the Boxial" existence ranks into one of the Boxes and the Broxes, but pulls other objects out to the Le Jorino streams.

Like those smaller Boxes, no physical things could escape this Verse.

The Matrix

The Matrix in which these Boxes and Broxes are suspended in, cause the light duplicate, but in a way that causes the magnitude to converge and not diverge. The product is a faint glow. However, the Cetaverse has a strange shape which has multiple centers and the closer to the center, the more structure is present. Thus, the higher concentrations of Boxes and Broxes cause visibly glowing points.

Each center of the Cetaverse is a "white" singularity, where the matrix gets compressed further and further, until it collapses into a Le Jorino Area.

The Center

Near the center, there are so much Boxes and Broxes that they glow whiter. Those Boxes and Broxes are clustered separately, although some Boxes survive within the Brox's shield. For one portion from the order of magnitude, 99% of the portion is made of either Boxes or Broxes, but 1% is made of the opposing type. However, there is a phenomenon for this location.

As you get close to the center, the space gets more compressed until you reach the Singularity, which is a massive Le Jorino area, with a radius of 0.2x The Box. This is only the area where the objects stay here, whether you change your existence rank. The only way to escape is to have infinite speeds, which is almost impossible. The cause of this phenomenon is discovered at the Formation section.

In the other side, as you go further, you might see less Boxes and Broxes and more Le Jorino streams.


Back when the Cetaverse formed, it was a chaos of objects with random existence ranks. Later, objects that can exist or not are often getting clustered by the forces of existence-(4, 5) structures consisting with 13% of Primordium Delta particles and others. It turns out those forces pushed the Dimensional Blueprint Particles of those objects to a really high "distorsion" level, causing the topology to be a fractal temporarily. Then suddenly, those forces suddenly push objects outside of physical existence ranks out. The compression by those forces turn the location to a center with the singularity.

This lead to the Cetaverse being populated with various existence states from 0 to 1. Each point of the collision with existence-(4, 5) objects marks a separate center in the Cetaverse, explaining the Cetaverse's "odd shape" that contains multiple centers.

The expansion seems to be never end, as the outside of this verse contains existence-(0, 1) and existence-(4, 5) objects, and so much more. Most Cetaverses have the size of 1030 times more the Box!


  • This is not "The Box" of smaller Boxes due to this verse following the axiom of Archverses.
  • This is the last normal verse in The Official Hierarchy before the chain of weird verses begin.
    • Be careful, because some things are either weird or feel like a generic verse!
    • The first one of this chain is Mandelbrotverse.

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