The Chairverse is a universe seperate from most other verses. It has a size of 50 miles and is 3D.


Creation of The Chairverse

The God of Chairs decided that he was done with making chairs on Earth in an alternate universe, so he decided to go outside of every verse, and create his own universe. He decided that it would be fitting to make it look like a chair, so he made it look like a chair. 

How the Chair People and the Chair Planets were Created

One day, The God of Chairs was bored of there being nothing to do in the Chairverse, so he decided that creating some Chair Planets would make him stop being bored. Soon, it got boring again, so he created little Chair Bacteria and he evolved it over many years until finally, it became Chair People.

Additional Info

The Chair Planets also look like chairs. I mean, what did you expect? They looked like cotton? No. One chair person thought that he should go outside of the Chairverse. They died shortly after he got outside of the Chairverse, due to lack of fuel. The Chairverse does not expand at all, meaning planets stay the same distance apart forever. Ocasionally, the God of Chairs would sit on the Chairverse.

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