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Chaos is... well, the concept of chaos itself. Chaos was one of the 7 sons of Zalgo, the other known children were, Mortus (Death), Sombrius (Darkness) Destructo (Destruction). Chaos was known to be the deadliest deity ever.


Chaos started off weak, but like all chaotic creatures, he gained power by devouring entities and verses, chaos used the same strategy as Chaos King, he devoured entire 100-D universes, getting extremely stronger per the minute, once he had destroyed 10000 dimensions he already was stronger than his siblings, this is where he started killing. Once chaos decided to kill, he used a special power that allowed him to drain anyones powers. At his first century of killing, he managed to kill the Creator and Destroyer of his Omniverse, this is where he started to be noticed by others, god slayers went after chaos but they stood no chance, trillions died.

Later chaos started destroying beings outside of his box, but the Hyper Dream didn't see chaos as a threat, since at this time he had already created an infinite amount of boxes, so yeah blah blah, chaos killed, chaos destroyed, chaos drained, lets just skip to the part where chaos actually became a threat. Chaos had a bounty of infinite god essence, everyone was after him, after enough gods were killed. Qwerty challenged chaos to a fight, they both fought in the center of the omniverse, its pretty easy to know who would win this battle, but Chaos's chaotic omnipotence was something that any god hasn't seen before, which gave Chaos an advantage, at the end of the battle Chaos drained QWERTY's power, and before Qwerty regenerated his power, Chaos used his blackhole attack and shattered Qwerty's soul and mind. Chaos then destroyed everyone watching.

Chaos wanted to spread his chaos all over absolute existence, so he made an army, an army that was split into many, those armies were called. The Dank Chaos Army, The Origin Chaos Army, The True Chaos Army, The Pure Chaos Army, The Almighty Chaos army, and The Chaos Army. The armies destroyed everything easily, many boxes were destroyed per day, and an infinite amount of deaths happened each day, many true gods wanted to destroy chaos but none lasted. The Dank Chaos Army became so large and hard to control, that chaos promoted someone called, "big boy dank jar" as the leader, and the dank kid as the vice leader. Chaos kept expanding his Army, he hired Rex, The Ruler of the universe, Nyarlathotep, and Lux to command all armies, the power of the 3 leaders and chaos managed to destroy an entire ultimate box, and chaos slaughtered eye on the wall to use his essence to make eye creatures that are like eye of cthulhu.

The hyper dream had enough and went to destroy chaos, but when he read his power he said "Nope" and ran away. Just kidding, he didn't run away, well he did, but he ran away so he can get help. The Hyper Dream went to get help from the counsellor of the highest plane of existence, but it was too late, chaos managed to reach there and destroyed everyone there, at this moment there was no hope for anyone or any who. Chaos had enslaved every god, EVERY god in existence, every god that he could reach out to, even Bongus, were enslaved and ruled Chaos.

Prime Chaos

Now this is when the darkest time was, when chaos was at his strongest form, every god called him "Origin Chaos" because he wanted to destroy the origin of every chaos, and change it to that he was the one who created it, chaos didn't care if you were good or bad, he would change your origin, chaos would only spare you if he sees if you are worthy. Gerald came to kill Chaos, but before Gerald demoted Chaos's Power, Chaos used his blade, sliced him and drained his power, Gerald could of regenerated but Chaos kept slicing him into thousandths, till chaos enslaved Gerald and cuffed him which limited his power. Gerald regenerated a bit later. Well, it was hopeless, every god was enslaved, everyone.. Except for one.. The Seeker... The most intelligent being alive, The Seeker went and ambushed chaos in his strongest form, but he only gave chaos a few scratches, Chaos commanded his Chaos Army to trap The Seeker, but the seeker fled and teleported to a place so far away, that physics didn't exist, atoms didn't exist, logic didn't exist.. It was just white.. Plain Blankness.

The seeker walked for years, and found a place called "Nacker's soup and stuff" and he went there and saw a red man with an orange crown, seeker walked to him and said.. you know what ill just write the dialogue here. Seeker: hey who are you? Nacker: oh hello there, welcome to my soup shop, how may I help you? Seeker: nothing, what are you doing here? Nacker: selling my soup. Seeker: no, what are you doing here while existence is being destroyed, do you have any idea what is going on? Nacker: yes, I do, Ive been monitoring chaos, and Im proud. Seeker: what do you mean proud? Nacker: I was the one who created him, and his siblings, and his father. Seeker: why did you create something so deadly? Nacker: I had no control over him, I didnt own him. Seeker: do you realize what you did, and why are you standing here letting Chaos destroy everything?!? Nacker: what do you want me to do? Turn into a more powerful form and destroy chsos using the supreme powe- AHA.


Seeker and Nacker teamed up to stop chaos, but they couldnt do it together, they searched for any non enslaved gods left, and they formed a team. The Rebels Team. The Rebels Team included: Seeker, Nacker, Mr clean, Itissocool, pepsi man, Satan, Thanos, and you guessed it.... Lucifer Morningstar!!!! The plan was, seeker would distract the dank jar, and fight him so dank jar can call chaos to go over there, so nacker can destroy every every chain there, so the gods could be able to attack, then the gods would ambush the armies all together. 1st step: Nacker telepathically told every enslaved god about the plan, they all agreed, so before the rebels team went to fight, the seeker was looking at the outcome of every possibility. Seeler: im done looking for every possibility. Nacker: how many did you search for? Seeker: 14,000,605 possibilites. Nacker: and in how many did we win? Seeker: .. None ....

Currently, Chaos made an army, his strongest army, called the ultimate chaos army, the group members included: elco, eye of azathoth, sanctus, chronos, flamma, venenum, aquanteous, and jeeper. The Chaos group together was so strong, that not even bongus could handle the chaos from it. Now, It was war time, the seeker went to fight the dank jar, and then they fought, the dank jar brought in chaos, and chaos unleashed his ultimate chaos army on seeker, and the seeker ran away, and came back, ran away and came back. So meanwhile at the enslaved gods. Nacker disguised himself as jesus, dont ask why, and gathered every enslaved god. the rebels team was hiding waiting to ambush them, so the gods can fight in later, then.. you can know what is gonna happen.. boom boom fighting fighting, every single god started fighting the chaos army, the seeker couldnt keep fighting back, but every god fought against the chaos armies, every god, and every god working with their enemies, the all time, the hyper nightmare, bongus, the hypreme lord, you name it.

During the war, it was just stale mate, even though every god outnumbered the chaos armies from 100 to 1, the chaos armies were way stronger than them, so fight fight fight stuff, chaos had realized what was going on and went there to kill all gods, he swung his sword and 40% of the rebel gods were destroyed. The Seeker and nacker fused to fight chaos but still no hope, they got destroyed quickly. They were losing till a light shined from the sky, it.. It was.. Zalgo.. Zalgo responded: enough, chaos, you have disappointe- MEEE, chaos ripped zalgo in half and the fighting kept going, then seeker told nacker to use the supreme power, and got an idea, what if we used the entire supreme power against chaos?

Nacker said good idea. Seeker got the orb and went to the legendary davy jones to ask him to use the supreme power to arch it to chaos, but davy jones is dead, so seeker had to do it himself, so he was about to throw it and he got struct by lightning and the supreme power fell, chaos wanted to drain the power of the supreme power, but nacker got it and boom he got struct by lightning, and the one who had it in his hands was, the seeker again.. he is the hero so what?? so the seeker used the power of the supreme, and flinged it to chaos at infinite mph, when it hit chaos it caused a huge explosion, but chaos was still there.. Because... Chaos... Drained it...

For sure no hope left now, chaos got the supreme power and started controlling everyone there, till one god took out his origin orb, and gave it to chaos, the gods idea was, to give chaos so much power that he would die from it, every god started giving chaos their origin orb, and gave it, chaos drained it and started glowing, then he felt pain, and then he fell on his knees, chaos was glowing so much that he exploded(larger explosion than an entire Realm), he shattered, not really, his power splattered all over the universe, and one portion of his power ended up in every existence, and chaos was the reason why there are chaotic creatures in every show/movie you watch, like the scarlet king, chaos king, chaos from craftwars, glob, dharkon and every other being that has to do with chaos.

The Aftermath

After the end, a fraction of chaos was spread to every omniverse, the marvel verse, DC verse, SCP verse, you name it. The biggest piece of chaos was in the main verse, because of chaos's death, the Chaos Entities, The Infinite Madness, The Destroyer, and many other chaotic creatures were born. It took eternities for the hyper dream to fix what chaos had caused, many gods suffered from mental damage, and some never came back. Finally, bongus and the hyper dream restored reality, but they couldn't revive Him, chaos curbstomped Him so hard, that not even bongus could restore him, only the great revival could revive Him anyways, the hyper dream tried to erase every trace and memory of Chaos. Nacker got access to The hyper dreams weaponry, and The Seeker gained a pretty big reputation. It was a happy ending, 99.9999...9999% of all beings don't remember about chaos. Many gods tried the same strategy as chaos, but it didn't work, gods try to figure out how he did it. This is the end of the story.

Or is it? DiepAndArrasTankIdeas was one day, at one of those reality beaches, was messing around with Deltasms, and already knew that His favourite realm had been nuked. He simply restored it without even trying to @restore it. To be continued…