Chochachw, translated to just language, is a very odd language meant to be spoken fast with no written characters, as the users all use voice logs to record everything in their history, that is until the new writing system began production.

The usage is limited to pretty much ONLY the original users, as mentioned in the Chochachfchfchy page it is too fast to be read or spoken normally, or at least it was once thought. Here's how the language works

There is a small-ish set of basic, one syllable words that are the ground of the language

Set of Base Words (Chuxchux, Chechfchaxchok Oof)

Cho, life. Chi, water. Cha, land/earth. Chu, light. Che, action, most commonly do. Chr, simple. Chf, some. Chax, for or to be given. Chok, material or substance. Chux, complete or done. Chy, greater or very extreme/strong. Chw, sound. Chq, good, well state of being, or benevolent. Cht, current or happening. Chg, past. Chif, concept of time. Chaf, space. Chox, size or area. Chk, yes, positive meaning, or friendly greeting. Cheth, Spacial body (as in planet or star). Chs, think or plan. Chuy, all, everything, total(lity). Chrt, Knowledge, wisdom, intelligence. Chur, Origin, source, original. Chfr, trust, belief, faith. Chgf, use, consume. Chyfg, change, alter. Chyu, food or drink. Choik, verse as in Universe. Chj, self. Chb, remembered. Choof, force or power.

Rest of Language

Then you agglutinate, with the same word twice in a row meaning the opposite of the original.

Chocho, death. Chichi, fire. Chacha, sky. Chuchu, darkness. Cheche, idling. Different combinations can have different meanings as well, such as Chocha meaning person and Chochr meaning other living organism, and Choxchy/choxchychy meaning big and small respectively. Choxchy Choike chf, Universe to the 1000th archverse depending on the tone. Another interesting thing is that they don't have a specific number system, but instead use words to define numbers. Chf, meaning some, Chfchf meaning many, and Chfchfchy meaning insane amount. These seem to be roughly from 1-1000, 1001-1 million, and 1 mil + 1-infinity in order of appearance. It is unknown how they are able to fly ships and advance technology using such simple numbering. Perhaps it is very specific tone, but we will never know. The reason for the language being very vague about sapient species and their qualities is because the Chocha thought they were the only ones, as for a long time nobody entered the Cheeseverse they were in due to not wanting to be cheeseformed.

Chochachw Voice Recorder (pink).png
The object that records Chochachw

Vood'Em would become Chuchuchechocha, person of dark doing.

Hughuhi would become Chachaxchf or Chachaxchocha, earth for two or earth for to depending on translation.

Hurt would be Chochochl, something along the lines of lesser death or weaker death

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