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The Chronoverses are a naturally made chain of verses, which there are 6 in total.

Each Chronoverse has an asigned number (the first level Choronverse has , second level , and so on until level 6), this will be important later on. There is only one Choronverse-in this entire chain, there are no duplicates.

The Choronverse-, which contains all Choronverse-, for , was found in a remote part of the Omniverse, after the panicked inhabitants of a rogue Metaverse reported seeing strange lights and formations quickly approaching them, without the ability to stop them from the imminent collision.

A "rescue mission" was quickly launched and the threat was eliminated with ease. However, upon closer inspection, the Choronverse was found to be no ordinary verse.

Interior - Properties

Each Choronverse has basically the same laws and properties. Every single one contains two different types of objects: polytopes and particles. Particles are all points with a sphere of influence around them, which allows them to interact with other particles. The rules and properties have 3 exceptions:

  1. Choronverse-is an -dimensional verse.
  2. Choronverse-only contains objects of facets.
  3. Choronverse-itself, has facets.

Because of the second rule, an object from a Choronverse-can not enter into a Choronverse-, where , and vice versa. This rule basically constructs the each Choronverse's barrier itself, with no outside help. But particles are a different story.

There is a set of particles that each Choronverse should contain, but the particles have varying dimensionalities, and as such, only the ones with matching dimensionalities to the in the Choronverse- exist. Every other particle is non-existant, and most non-existant particles of dimensionality simply find their way to the Choronverse-, where they get stuck and remain there.

When two particles of equal dimensionality come into contact, the collision produces nothing, and the two particles change angles by 90° in a relative shared direction (left - left, right - right, etc). However, when two particles of differing dimensionalities collide, they attract the two closest particles to travel on the shortest collision path with each particle. With each new collision of such kind, a new particle is created at random, which will not be attracted into colliding upon impact, as that would cause a continuous loop (not that loops or paradoxes are impossible to construct through laws).

Most of these collision chain reactions don't last long whatsoever. One has to get lucky to witness one that lasts for longer than one / two collisions, but when it happens, it is considered lucky if it ever stops. This is what happened, when the Metaverse inhabitants looked out and saw a mess of lights and colors heading for them.