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The Chunk of Space is yet another Ch04s dimension. It is the least weird Ch04s dimension because it’s craziness is only a good 200 on the Ch04s Chart. It is red because it has infrared waves that humans can’t see. In the picture, you might see a moon by the chunk of space. This moon is called The Littler Chunk Of Space. It’s not a Ch04s dimension, though. So, lets talk about the layers now.


The core is the brightest yellow you could ever imagine and is much like the sun. Take the sun and multiply it by a random number between transfinity and schemafinity. Boom that’s your core.


The mantle is the part with the infrared waves. If you wait long enough you can cook a patty in it.


The barrier has lots of cracks in it because it’s really old. But not older than Before. The cracks will all explode transfinity years from now.


The only thing we know about the rings is that they are tiny rocks made of zeeium.